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Kill Kurds, Free Mumia

hey do you think mr cole ran into any whacked out mommies with their 3 yr old kids? uuumm probably - you gotta brainwash ';em early -- HEY HO SADDAM HAS GOT TO GO
'Kill Kurds, Not Mumia'
Having fun at Seattle peaceniks' expense.
Monday, December 9, 2002 12:01 a.m. EST

SEATTLE--On Thursday I found out that the helicopters I was hearing overhead were observing a "no war" protest downtown. I've been eager to get to an antiwar protest for awhile now, having fantasies about the many ways in which I could crash the party.

I jumped on my scooter and spent a half hour trying to find out where they were. By the time I ended up at Seattle Central Community College I was too late, and the crowd was breaking up into groups of 10 and walking off together with their signs. A moment earlier a motorcycle cop had pulled up and told me I needed to put on my eyewear or I could get an $80 ticket--so I pulled onto Broadway and off into a long alley that borders several soccer fields.

Pulling my goggles down over my eyes, I see through the lenses a group of kids about 200 yards down the alley jumping up a four-foot wall that leads into the soccer fields. They had been coming from the protest at the community college, and were going to walk across the fields to get to some of the Capitol Hill neighborhoods on the other side. I must admit that I had a predatory feeling, as if I were wearing night-vision goggles. I didn't start my motor yet.

As the last of the dozen kids had made it up onto the field, I started up and circled around the block to the other side of the field and waited. As the group emerged and began walking together up the street, I rode beside them.

"Hey comrades! Did I miss the protest?"
"Yeah man, it was killer."

"Ah shucks. Hey! Do you know of any other pro-Saddam things going on today?"

The group responds that this is not about being pro-Saddam, it's an antiwar thing.

"Oh. Well. Do you know where any other anti-Iraqi freedom things are going on? Or just anti-Arab democracy. I want to join in the movement."

They let me know that I've missed the point of the protest; I continue riding aside them.

"Well it's all a means to an end, right? I mean"--I pass a nudge at them--"I mean, we're all white here, lets be honest. We can't let colored people democratize. So where can I get hooked in with the crowd? I want to end all hope for democracy in the Arab world! What e-mail list are you guys on?"

Two or three of them have by now figured that I am making fun of them. But the others are lost. They respond that "only part of the movement" is interested in what I'm talking about, and they're not into that stuff. They just don't want war.

"Huh. I guess I don't understand. Why are you guys against war then? Are you guys the pro-oil-cartel-price-fixing types? 'Stability' and all that? I figured the movement was heading towards more of a pro-dictator, anti-Jewish thing. That's what I came out for."

The leader of the pack tells me, in unprintable language, that I can buzz off now. He lets me know that I'm not funny--which the rest of the group echoes, especially the ones who were with me until the end.

We both spot another protester group on the other side of the street. I raise my fist closed, and shout from our side of the street, "No war! White power!"

I hear the two groups talking back and forth as I speed off. (Speed isn't really the word--25 miles an hour.)

This ad lib performance has me smiling. I've found a formula that I like, and so I try it out again a few blocks away on a group of young girls with antiwar Greenpeace-type stickers all over them.
"Hey chicks? Do you dames know where I can find a pro-Saddam rally?"

They respond (no kidding): "Uh, I don't know. We just came from one. I think there's something at Garfield High School or something."

"Oh, OK." I hold up my fist again: "End women's suffrage!"

They respond with smiles: "Peace! See ya."

High as a kite off this stuff, I see if I can pull off one more on the way back to the office (I've now been gone for an hour).

I pull up alongside a lone 50-something protester walking with his sign folded so I can't see it.

"Hey, did I miss the protest?"


"Do you know where any other pro-Saddam things are going on?"

"No I don't. I'm not sure if I understand you. Do you mean pro-Saddam or antiwar?"

"Either. I mean, same crowd, right?"

"I suppose . . ." He thinks for a second. "I don't much care for your generation. You've got the message all wrong. This is all so stupid."

"Where do you get your signs printed up? I want to make a sign that reads 'Kill Kurds, not Mumia.' How much do you think that would cost?"

I'm not sure if he ended up thinking that I was an actual protester or not, but nonetheless I ruined his day. It showed on his face as he walked away.
well isn't that special 09.Dec.2002 16:44


thanks for sharing. Again, though, are we supposed to be impressed? Are you under the impression that this proves something?

I'm sure your parents are proud of your ability to be annoying by making a jackass of yourself in public. Maybe the cheerleaders will go out with you now.

Jesus Loves You, and so do we.


p.s. if you think that white power stuff is funny, you really are one pathetic motherfucker

well isn't that special 09.Dec.2002 16:52


thanks for sharing. Again, though, are we supposed to be impressed? are you under the impression that this proves something?

I'm sure your mother is proud of your ability to annoy other people by being a jackass in public. Maybe the cheerleaders will go out with you now.

jesus loves you

p.s. if you think that white power shit is funny you really are one sick, pathetic motherfucker

glad you had some fun 09.Dec.2002 17:00

now go play in traffic

you sure are a (t)wit. i am glad you had some fun.

keep in mind that saddam hussein is/was the cia's man in iraq, placed there by the us to keep democracy from getting a foothold in that nation.

everyhing was 'fine' until saddam started investing in his people, providing free education and health care to nearly the entire population of the nation. in fact, before the (first) persian gulf war, iraq had the highest standard of living in the middle east.

things went 'bad' when saddam started ignoring his cia marching orders and started toying around with oil production and therefore causing instability in the carefully controlled pricing of oil. (us oil company profits were at stake, therefore the people who have no control over the dictator needed to be slaughtered during the war and even more effectively by the 10 years of brutal sanctions.)

after that, everything went downhill.

Still, the cia (george bush senior, et al) decided to go to war with saddam, a plan that had been in the works for at least five years.

funny how you didn't notice this. perhaps you were reading the us mainstream press for your 'information'.

well, did you notice that despite the war and the utter devastation of the innocent civilians of iraq, saddam hussein IS STILL IN POWER and stronger than ever, from the perspective of his long-suffering people?

it is a shame you are such an idiot.

i'm glad you had fun on your scooter with the seattle kids.

now please go do something productive with your life.

NAPOLEON...... 09.Dec.2002 17:44

Cardinal Law

...report to the RECTORY immediately!!!

Awesome first posting 09.Dec.2002 17:57


You have highlighted the lack of education that fuels radical liberalism among the 'protesters' and 'peace activists' and those interested in [selective] 'human rights.' Keep it up bro.

asdf revealed 09.Dec.2002 18:17


asdf= another sorry dumb f!$ker

Asdf stay strong! 09.Dec.2002 20:05


Asdf, do not let the criticisms of the weak-minded sway you in the least. -Bro

same old song 10.Dec.2002 01:32


SO, if Iraq was indeed the model workers' paradise, and the United States is such a brutal evil Nazi state...


Why do you live here ?

I know the concept has just been kicked to death. "Love it or Leave it", right ?

Well, Hate it and Stay ? At least this country is one of the few that affords you the option of leaving. You can take a good long look at the millions of people lined up to get in as you hurry out the door of the place you hate so much.

Surely there has to be somewhere on Earth where your brave sociopolitical theories have been tested and put into use. Now, obviously, places like China and the former USSR only CALLED themselves "Communist" and "Socialist", and only murdered and starved to death 120,000,000 civilians because of the vast Capitalist conspiracy, right ?

Where is it exactly, that offers you a better place to live then this country ? A higher standard of living ? More protection of free speech ? A greater opportunity for the accumulation of wealth ? The right to armed self-defense ?
An imperfect legal system that is still unmatched by the fradulent Courts of Europe, or anywhere alse, for that matter, in terms of at least a tiny scrap of a chance at justice ?

Why aren't you on your way there ?

Why are you outraged when a government that you have publicly threatened to destroy comes after you with it's hired Dobermans ?

Why do you take money from Uncle with one dirty paw, and flip him off with the other ?

Could it be that you are simply a hypocrite ?

Naw, that is too simple. We could just get lost for hours in your babble. Too bad most of this country, and even the world, sees you for what you really are.

Spoiled, rebellious children. Just transparent. Boring, mindless clones; motiveless conformists in search of a little slice of identity.

I truly wish sometimes that the vast bulk of you would actually LEAVE this country that you so loathe, and head for somewhere like Iraq. The weary hours of listening to your incessant whine would finally be over. It would be your new-found friend's problems, now.

But they will only slice your ignorant, docile, lily-white throats.

Oh well.

honestly... 10.Dec.2002 02:45


>"if Iraq was indeed the model workers' paradise"

straw man

2.An argument or opponent set up so as to be easily refuted or defeated.

(generally a sign that one lacks the ability to refute the actual arguments one has been presented with)

>places like China and the former USSR only CALLED >themselves "Communist" and "Socialist"

Well, actually, given that communism and socialism are theoretically based on a democratic, egalitarian sociopolitical system, the USSR and PRC aren't really examples of communist or socialist systems, given the presence in both of elite management classes (sometimes actually referred to as 'state capitalists'). Congratulations. I think you just accidentally said something intelligent.

>"Boring, mindless clones; motiveless conformists in search >of a little slice of identity."

Of course. We're not the kind of uncontrollable freethinkers who would have the courage it takes to support the world's largest military in an attack on a starving, disarmed third world country. You must be one of those nonconformists who's so individualistic and against the grain that they'll even put flag stickers on their cars.

Excellent 10.Dec.2002 07:29


The first post is excellent and it does prove a point. One that I'm sure is lost on most of the lemmings, er, leftists here in attendance.

To borrow and paraphrase a much used dictum concerning the arab world's staunch support of the arabs in Israel, "the white left will fight America down to the last colored folk."

stolen land 10.Dec.2002 10:00


To look at the disasterious experement know as ameriKKKa and call it "the best" or ever a good system is vile and repulsive. To say that a slave trading, genocidal, imperialistic, authoritarian, greed riddin, police state like amerika is "free" or "democratic" is a motherfuckin' lie! amerika was set up by slave/land owning aristacrats for slave/land owning arisacrates and the only thing that has changed over the years are the names of the men holding the whips. Look at the facts: we have the most people in prison, we have(are) comitted(ing) genocide on this land(on the order of 10 million), we have droped Nuklear-war-heads on defeneless people, rampant police butality and a near pathological identifacation with the ruling class. To anyone who thinks that this is a disirable state for humans to live under is sick and pathetic. Injoy the grand capitalist orgy(who can we fuck over next?) because this empire is gonna fall hard!

had to chime in on this one 10.Dec.2002 12:13


To the supporters of this post, I understand that you honestly believe that our invasion is to help the people of Iraq. Unfortunately, the reality is that it will not help them, it will kill them. The reality is that they don't want our "help" which they perceive as invasion and conquest. So who is the one fighting for them, the one who supports what they want, or the one imposing what she or he believes to be best?

It is true that many of the protesters are not always able to provide intelligent, rational, calm discourses at a moments notice. Some of them just feel in their hearts that war is wrong, and that war can never bring about the world that they want to see. To all would-be-Napoleons you too will realize this some day. Don't take my word for it, just remember what I'm telling you. You will one day realize that war will never bring about the world you want to see.

But, perhaps this post is good as it points out either that anyone can be made fun of, or that no one should be. Personally, I'm in the latter camp as I've seen many right wing zealots easily out-argued by intelligent dissenters. None-the-less, intelligent discourse, conversation, and discussion are one thing. Ridicule is something else; I personally am not impressed by anyone boasting their ridicule of others regardless of their stance.

I could write dozens of pages with all the stupid things that fascists calling themselves conservative republicans have said to me, but to what end? I simply point out that if they label themselves conservatives they should be acting out that ideaology, which the current administration is the antithesis of. More government, more spending, less privacy, less conservation... The antithesis of conservatism.

I suppose a thread started in an attempt to ridicule and insult is probably the wrong one to attempt a rational discussion... But at least I'm trying, and I will keep trying to engage everyone, of all views, into discussion instead of these angry exchanges.

one more point about the title 10.Dec.2002 12:26


It just occurred to me that I generally assume that people posting some of the drivel like the above post must be young... but that is an inaccurate assumption. So I figure in response to the issue of killing Kurds I want to ask the following:

If you were old enough to vote in 80's were you supporting the Senate in their attempts (led by Republican Senator Claiborne Pell) to halt military aid to Iraq that was being used to kill the Kurds or did you believe the Reagan and Bush administrations when they said that those attacks were no big deal?

Honestly, this is not rhetorical or an insult, I genuinely want an answer. Can one have supported the killing of Kurds in the 80's while it was happening, and be against it now? If so, how?

From FAIR ( http://www.fair.org/extra/0209/iraq-gas.html):

In September [of 1988], the Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to impose sanctions on Iraq. These sanctions were nothing like today's global embargo. They called for a halt to U.S. military aid, commodity credits and loan guarantees and a ban on U.S. imports of Iraqi oil--which, in a global oil market, would have a token effect compared to the post-Gulf War global blockade imposed by the U.N.

The Reagan and Bush administrations "adamantly" opposed the bill, calling it "premature" (New York Times, 1/8/89, 9/15/88), and eventually the bill died quietly in a conference committee after being further watered down.

again 10.Dec.2002 12:38

answer the question


If you hate the United States so much,




Just answer the question, you lilly white two-faced frauds.

frauds? 10.Dec.2002 13:20

ha ha

funny coming from mindless love it or leave it little fucks like you. we take money from the government to keep it out of your ignorant corporate welfarist hands.

answer to your question 10.Dec.2002 16:31


I have left this country. Want to know what I saw everywhere? People in Old Navy clothes eating at McDonald's.

Moving somewhere else won't exactly help when this system can't keep to itself but insists on smearing its cultural feces all over the rest of the world as well. At least being inside the belly of the beast provides a somewhat advantageous position from which to try to stop it.

And if I've gotten money from the government, I'm only collecting on the third of every paycheck the government steals from me so they can buy a bunch of explosives so pathetic little shits like you can jack off watching footage of big expensive planes and helicopters dismembering people fighting for their homes in the third world.

Does that answer your question?

another answer 10.Dec.2002 17:02

another answer


I live here because I was born and raised here. I am considering leaving because I'd rather not live in a country with no protected freedoms. I also find value in working to better the lives of people in this country and working for positive change within this system. I also want to educate people to the very real damage this government is doing in the peoples' name to other beings.


Again, I would consider it, for the purpose of working to build positive structures in other countries. We must remember that it was not the german resisters that put a stop to the Nazi government but a coalition of other nations. Something very similar may be required to top the policies of the United States government.


I neither flip off the government nor take money from it. I do, however, provide it with lots of money. The bulk of that money goes to a military that kills civilians indiscriminately, corporate welfare to support corporations that are so badly run and so corrupt that they would immediately cease to exist without government handouts, and to a social security system that I will never be able to collect from even in the most optimistic scenarios.

My question is, why does the government take money from me and then flip me off? Why should I pay taxes to a government that does not listen to its people? Why should they be allowed to kill people and destroy the planet with my money? Is it even worth trying to talk to with people so set on disrupting and insulting rather discussing?

Now, supporters of this article, how about answering some of the questions posed here? There are several to choose from. Are you so angry that you will not even attempt to justify your statements?

Another moron 11.Dec.2002 11:27






1) I was born here

2) Because by staying here I piss you off.

3) What money? I pay taxes and get fucked with in return...

Next twit...