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Satellite Photos of Intesive Chemtrail Spraying

Somebody is bound to say this is normal air traffic. You decide. (article 1)
Satellite Photos of Intesive Chemtrail Spraying
Satellite Photos of Intesive Chemtrail Spraying
Satellite Photos of Intesive Chemtrail Spraying
Satellite Photos of Intesive Chemtrail Spraying
Wow! 09.Dec.2002 12:17


Or someone is bound to say, that must be good crack you are smoking. Or someone is also bound to say, who gives a fuck what you think?

now that wasn't very nice... 09.Dec.2002 13:41

Agent Orange

Careful, you might hurt my feelings. I forgive you.

Oh, and that's 'intensive', sorry about the eyesore of a typo there...

Oh, My 09.Dec.2002 14:47


They sure do get testy about Chemtrails. There must be something in the picture that they don't like.

who's doing coke off the globe again???? 09.Dec.2002 15:52

thee pharoah

as fake as that picture looks (not saying that it is or isn't), all i have to do is walk outside and look up to see the real thing just about everyday. some days not at all, some days just a little and some days an elaborate cross pattern of chemtrails. please people, point this out to everyone. it's right up in the sky for you to see, and not at all hard to show someone who may not believe you. LOOK UP!!! IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!!

I don't know what day those were taken but... 09.Dec.2002 16:36

Jody Paulson

I live in northern Indiana, where these photos show heavy chemtrailing, and I can attest that chemtrail activity has been particularly high over the last week or so.

or . . . 09.Dec.2002 18:33

chemtrail fan

they do kind of look like lines of coke on a glass coffee table . . .

Speaking of Cocaine... 09.Dec.2002 22:34

Agent Orange

For those struggling to reconcile the chemtrail phenomenon with some sort of political/historical precident look no further than cocaine. The actual value that the Drug War herbicidal program in Columbia has aside (nil, if you ask me), unilateral chemical spraying of another country without consent of the people within it is not exactly unfamiliar territory for USAF fly boys.

The herbicide the military is spraying in South America is Roundup, compliments of Monsanto, former manufacturers of Agent Orange--another particularly nasty chemical the US has had no qualms about dispersing into the environment liberally--and currently on the cutting edge bringing you the Food of the Future.

I remember hearing Ronnie talk about Star Wars when I was a little tike and reading Bloom County cartoons in the sunday paper deriding the idea as ludicrous. Well, those boys were not just goofing around with the Strategic Defence Initiative (Star Wars). Sure, there was plenty of pork, but actual technology was developed and I do not believe that it's just sitting on a shelf somewhere. The Highly Active Auroral Research Project is a magnificent example of SDI coming to fruition. Dr. Nicholas Begich has done a great deal to illuminate this subject, check him out at www.earthpulse.com

There is a context for these events above our heads. I am attempting to communicate the credible information that I have encountered about these subjects so that people will be able to react and organize to demand accountability to those who have hijacked our democracy long before 9/11.

Really though, it's not as difficult as explaining the in's and out's of international finance or the history of the labor movement and why you, who work at Burgerville, should care. Everyone already knows how to communicate this information. We do it everyday. Who'd have thought that talking about the weather could be so interesting and as of now, never so important.

poly-web left over from halloween 10.Dec.2002 00:39


that's all, just poly spider webbing.

Contrail, Chemtrail, or Atmospheric Research 10.Dec.2002 08:03

Eric Stewart

now what? 11.Dec.2002 21:47

connect the dots

what happens after these "chemtrails" are created? i haven't seen any data that would explicatively demonstrate what might happen if particles of a certain mass-density were dumped aloft in the atmosphere.

what would happen to the little "confetti" like particles that supposedly are used as comm-link antennas? the biological agents that allegedly have been tested on large populations in the past? (can precipitation serve as a model?)

i see the trails; i don't trust the military or the government, i sense they could be up to no good? what now?

odd slimey fungus-like crap falling out of the sky, blah blah.

point to science related stuff that could help people draw better conclusions.

Got chem trails? 12.Dec.2002 11:15


This may explain the biological passangers of the chem trails.
I hope it doesn't.
November 26, 2002: FTR 324: Biological Warfare, AIDS, Ebola & Apartheid (recorded

Looks just like Florida! 12.Dec.2002 18:35

Disgusted with this world!

Looks just like Florida! Those interesting straight-line clouds.

Chemtrails and our health 17.Dec.2004 16:13

Donna L lealdonna@hotmail.com

I have had a "cold" for 7 and half weeks. The spraying over Orregon is intense this year and I am sure the two are related. I am so frustrated and angery that my "benevolent" government has decided that my health does not matter. How can we stop this?

Nothing to spray 20.Apr.2005 15:29

A. Tyson

Here in Reno. Nothing to spray but dust and sand and we see this regularly