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Percy Schmeiser on GMOs / MONSANTO: Bioneers Interview

How out of control are corporations? Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser, interviewed at Bioneers on Monsanto and GMO issues. 30 minute mp3: WARNING: THIS INTERVIEW IS GOING TO MAKE YOU ** ANGRY **
Percy Schmeiser on GMOs / MONSANTO:  Bioneers Interview
Percy Schmeiser on GMOs / MONSANTO: Bioneers Interview

Odds are, you know at least something about the Genetically Modified Organisms debate. But if you haven't heard Percy Schmeiser's story straight from his mouth, you need to listen to this interview. Schmeiser is the Canadian farmer whose canola fields were contaminated by Monsanto.

This interview is as potent as they come. It runs for just under 30 minutes and will change the mind of anyone "on the fence" about the GMO issue. It's worth sharing with family, friends and colleagues. Download the MP3 and burn it to CD-Rom.

Mr. Schmeiser was interviewed by Sue Supriano during the recent Bioneers conference, for her radio program Steppin' Out of Babylon.

For more information on Mr. Schmeiser and GMO issues, you can check out his website:


Excellent Interview 09.Dec.2002 10:40


Monsanto, this panet aint big enough for the both of us.

pic if you want it 09.Dec.2002 14:17

GMO Sucks

pic if you want it
pic if you want it

fight biotech locally 09.Dec.2002 15:03

ge free oregon

Hey if you want to get involved locally fighting for a ban on genetic engineering check out
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering at 503.239.6841 or www.nwrage.org email:  info@nwrage.org
They have public meetings every 2nd wednesday of the month at 7pm at their office: 1421 SE Stark St.