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Organized Labor To Fight The Oppression

A historic conference focused on repealing the 1940's Union BustingTaft-Hartley Act
was just held in San Francisco. Labor activists from ILWU, and others
from around the globe, met to share insights and strategies designed to overturn
one of the most repressive anti-labor laws ever crafted by Congress.
I drove back to Southern Oregon after attending & participating in this very important conference... and now am delighted to see that the great video work done by John Parulis is available on the web.

Go to  http://www.brightpathvideo.com/Labor_Video.htm to access both video and audio files.

Check this out and help build the important resistance to Bush and his handlers! It is time to do this now.

homepage: homepage: http://www.brightpathvideo.com/Labor_Video.htm
address: address: state of jefferson

please give a report 09.Dec.2002 11:19

a volunteer

this would be an excellent feature, please tell your story


Good Info 09.Dec.2002 19:32


Way to go, Wes.

Audio & Video Files on the conference 09.Dec.2002 19:35


Links For Audio and Video on the National Labor Conference Against Taft-Hartley & Union Busting held in San Francisco, CA on 12/7/02:

 http://www.brightpathvideo.com/Taft1.ram 56k video file
 http://www.brightpathvideo.com/Clip9.ram 56k audio file

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