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Moving ON

We know our government is run by fascists. Now what?
So "Dubya" as we like to call him, is a Nazi. Well, we know that. Those of us who didn't know that before 9/11 have it figured out now, except those who don't want to know. But all I see here is a bunch of Chicken Littles squawking around about how the sky is falling. My question is, "Now what do we do?"

It's not that I'm not scared. I'm terrified, of the man and of the future. But I can't stand around wringing my hands waiting for them to cart me away to the ovens. Also, I can't see throwing bombs under the present circumstances. Not only do they have more bombs, but "Dubya" would love to have an excuse to put more of my brothers and sisters behind bars.

So what do we do?

A few suggestions:

Organize. Build lines of communication that are difficult to intercept or break. Make alliances with people outside of the US of A (not that anyone can escape the arm of the US these days) Continue to try to make other people (not the converted) understand how US policy is creating terrorists and using them to make us slaves to our fears. Refuse to be terrified, or at least refuse to act out of fear.

But what I want is for other people to make additional suggestions that we can act on. Post your suggestions here. But please, not more "oh my god he's evil" posts. We know that. We are behaving like those silly women in bad films who stand around and scream while the bad guys murder everyone. Less screaming, more planning, people.
Thanks for the post 08.Dec.2002 22:10

anne frank

Indeed, it is way past time to be shocked by the machinations of the International Elite. it's likely still dismaying to many of us who have not felt the physical pressure of the boot. That is coming-quickly.

A lot of people are now getting concerned about the USA Patriot Act(UPA), the Homeland Security Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, the Total Information Awareness Department. School teachers are refusing to release lists of student names and addresses to military recruiters. Health workers are refusing to stock and give smallpox immunizations. Librarians are refusing to hand over reading lists of patrons to the government. We are being told by the corporate media/junta that everyone is brain-dead, but we are not.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee(www.bordc.org) might offer a way to get the word out to the "unconverted". Twenty-two city councils have endorsed resolutions in opposition of the UPA, and more are doing it every week. People who have never been politically involved must be invited into the process, and this looks like an effective way to do it. People need to start paying attention to their local governments, attend city council meetings, get vocal, talk with people they would otherwise think are "uncool" or "conservative", and build coalitions within their communities to resist . There is still an opportunity to take back our cities from the corporations, but the window is shutting.

talk to your neighbours 09.Dec.2002 06:36


It is that easy.

And that hard.