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Philip Berrigan Interviews

Renowned anti-war icon Philip Berrigan died at home on December 6, 2002, surrounded by family and friends from the Jonah House Resistance Community in Baltimore. On December 4, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman talked with Berrigan's son and daughter by his bedside and rebroadcast portions of a 1998 Democracy Now! interview with the militant Catholic peace activist in federal prison.
You can listen to the Democracy Now! Interviews by clicking on the following link:


On December 19, 1999, Berrigan and a group of activists calling themselves Plowshares vs. Depleted Uranium disarmed two A-10 Warthog aircraft. The aircraft were located at the Maryland National Guard base in Middle River, Maryland. The activists hammered and poured blood on A-10s because the Warthog, used against Iraq and Yugoslavia, has a gun which fires depleted uranium ammunition.

The four activists appeared in court on Monday, and now face three charges, including malicious destruction of property, conspiracy to maliciously destroy property, and trespassing. Supporters of the Plowshares Vs. Depleted Uranium will be arriving in Baltimore to participate in a demonstration and attend the legal proceedings.

You can listen to the March 17, 2000 interview Berrigan conducted with Democracy Now from prison by clicking on this link: