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Looking for Stories - Legacies of Courage and Resistance

Some of us awed by the shadow of great evil overtaking this world are looking to meet people and and hear stories of courage. Elders. History. Connection.

Civil rights soldier? War resistance? Labor? Tax resistor?

Anyone who has stood up to fight the good fight encouraged to reply.
We know these battles have been fought before. If you have stories you would like to share or know people who would like to share their stories of courage and resistance, please post here ... or have them post.

Another idea floating around: a speaking engagement where those that have walked their talk ... talk about their walk.

Ideas anyone?
FDR 08.Dec.2002 20:13


F.D.R. gets my vote. He saved our bacon.

looking more for people 08.Dec.2002 20:28


who you have some personal knowledge of, as in have-met ... or you personally.