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Macintosh cult organizing at Portland universities

Steve Jobs is revered as a deity, with the power to create or destroy. Apple's "corporate mythology" portrays him as a "savior." Jobs' life story, in fact, adheres closely to the classic heroic adventure myths delineated by Joseph Campbell, Belk noted.
Just like the legends of Odysseus, Jason, Krishna or Christ, the Jobs' mythology contains the same key elements:

* The call to adventure: joining the Homebrew Computer Club.

* A helper: Steve Wozniak.

* A wondrous journey: the explosive growth of the early PC industry.

* Trials: competition from IBM and failures like the Lisa and Apple III.

* More helpers: the engineers and artists who created the first Mac.

* Apotheosis: Jobs is anointed as the technology industry's seer, a prophet.

* Flight: the expulsion from Apple and a decade in the wilderness at Next Computer.

* Resurrection: the return to Apple.

* The boon that restores the world -- the iMac and subsequent hit products.

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Tux for Pres. 08.Dec.2002 22:43


Apple. Yuck.

I'm more of a Linux person.

Ph33r the p3nguin.