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ANALYSIS: Comparing Corporate Media's Berrigan Coverage

When you line the various corporate media up next to each
other you quickly see who's copying what, who writes their
own original content -- most importantly who simply reprints
what the AP corporation tells them to write blindly. Here's
a bunch of stories I came across in an effort to do that.
ANALYSIS: A Quick Look At Corporate Media Reporting Of Phil Berrigan's Life And Death

 http://groups.google.com/groups?q=phil+berrigan&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF- 8&sa=G&scoring=d

[note: some of these are non-corporate media so you can begin
making your own comparisons. Line them up against each other,
by using many browsers at the same time, and modulate back
and forth between them, you'll see what I mean. :)]
linkage info 08.Dec.2002 17:00

mmmm, mmmm

the 1st link--washingtonpost.com--required me to input valid personal info in order to procede to article.

the 2nd link--syracuse.com--kept forcing me to an automobile add page; the fix was to quickly copy the original link and paste it in the browser's address field (worked for me). page stuck then.

Catonsville, Maryland is a sleepy burg. i lived at a childrens shelter that sat across from a field where the KKK allegedly held meetings. who knows

"the Catonsville 9"