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Measure 28

Saving our future
Measure 28:

Below is an outtake from the web site for Oregon Human Services in reference to Measure 28. Measure 28 would restore funding that was cut by the passage of House Bill 5100.
This is about people who cannot control their own destiny. They are not "slackers" trying to get a free ride. They simply can't.
Everyone who suffers from any form of disability will be effected negitively by this. It effects the elderly, it effects the children, it effects your neighbors, it effects you.
Vote yes on Measure 28 on January 28th
Vote or lose

From www.hr.state.or.us/budget:

DHS cuts

The reductions listed here are those that can readily be detailed by county. Because about 80 percent of the DHS budget returns directly to communities in payments to foster parents, nursing homes, local government and other providers, the cuts listed account for the bulk of the proposed reduction package.

The proposed reductions total $88 million from the state's general fund for the remainder of the current two-year budget period, which ends next June 30. However, reductions in general fund dollars also mean losses of federal matching dollars. As a result, the total fund reduction is about $162 million.

Please note: At its November 8 meeting, the Legislative Emergency Board took some of the cuts listed on these charts to fix the current budget problem.

We have completed our replacement list of proposed cuts for the department. We are now working on a new list of county-specific cuts.

In the meantime, please note that the following cuts listed on the county charts have already been taken by the Emergency Board and will not be restored if the January ballot measure passes.

Mental health and addiction services: Eliminate remaining money that helps county mental health services, law enforcement, juvenile justice and other local entities work together.

Services for people with developmental disabilities: State-operated crisis homes.

Services to children and their families: Eliminate most system of care resources.

Oregon Health Plan: Eliminate dental coverage, alcohol and drug treatment, mental health services, and durable medical equipment and supplies for adults receiving OHP standard coverage.
I cry 12.Dec.2002 19:58

Alice Stewart alicecstewart@msn.com

I can not beleive the turn our community is taking. I cry
I know of so many people being helped by the mentor program. I cry. I know of so many people being helped by the tuallitan valley counseling center. I cry.
I cry because It hurts my heart. I cry thinking of all the people who are being affected by this cut. Not just the thousands of clients, but the 100's of workers that will lose their jobs, not jobs that they go to because they have to, but jobs they go to because it is their heart's work. I cry and it helps to releive the pain for me, but what about the mothers and fathers of these clients, what about the children of these clients. Their HOPE is gone. At times to an outsider looking in it would seem these clients brought on their troubles. I can only speek for me, I did not ask to be a prostitute shooting herion at 16 years of age, something drove me to it. I can't tell you because I'll cry.