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Awesome Edition of "Street Roots"; hits the streets

In Portland there is a newspaper called Street Roots that is put together by people who live on the streets or are activists supporting the homeless. This months issue is full of great information about Portland's growing homeless advocacy movement.
Awesome Edition of "Street Roots" hits the streets
Awesome Edition of "Street Roots" hits the streets

At a time when the number of homeless in Oregon is growing (reported 36,000 homeless children in Oregon alone)"Street Roots" has become the voice of advocacy, social justice and political action. This months issue includes a fold out poster of a collage of people, tents and events for Dignity Village. Dignity Village is conducting a fundraising to support Portland's homeless tent village and services. Also included in the issue is the following articles:

**Portland Activists speak loudly and carry big signs - a article the growing coalition of anti-war activists, including the homeless. The recognition that the Bush's war is draining the resources of American and impoverishing millions.

***A new Shelter puts focus on women - Shepard's door puts $6.8 million to work for families

***Police begin annual street sweeps - People sleeping outside downtown are being rousted, and perhaps put in danger (from 2,800 to 6,5000 homeless in Portland at this time). Violence against the homeless is growing. There have been two homicides and multiple assaults this year.

*** a report on the recent Blazer Harvest dinner in which Portland Trailblazer team members and local media personnel served upwards of 4,000 meals to Portland's homeless

***ZooBomb takes to the hills over Portland - bike club rides into the hills at midnight. A spectacular bike ride.

Economic woes hit low income workersa great piece with lots of quotes from a new study from the Oregon Center for Public Policy called "Boom, Bust, and Beyond: The State of working Oregon 2002".

***The ever-present ROSE CITY RESOURCE GUIDE for all sorts of needs. Inserted each month into the Street Roots and printed by STREET ROOTS staff the resouce guide is a great help to the homeless as well as low-income people. Find inside Clothing, food, employment and training, entertainment, homeless service agenices, hotlines, housing and transportation, meals, legal services, recovery resources,and shelters. A GREAT COMMUNITY RESOURCE!

***also find an incredible poetry and art page, opinon page, letters to the editor and statewide news briefs that affect homeless and low income people in Oregon.

The newspaper is sold on the street for $1 by vendors. The vendor gets 75 cents a paper...so this is a great source of employment for these people.

Thier website is located at www.streetroots.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.streetroots.org

Worth It 09.Dec.2002 10:54

Den Mark, in Vancouver

One buck for Street Roots is worth far more than an Oregonian or NY Times or other obnoxious corporate rag. I thank God for Alliance, Street Roots, Eat The State & other indie efforts.

Earning your money 09.Dec.2002 13:36

just a thought

I thank God for Labor Ready, ever heard of them? Its a radical concept. You actually WORK for money AND they pay you at the end of the day. No more having to ask for handouts!!