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Gaiacomm: To Boldly Go Where No Telecommunications Company Has Gone Before!

There has been much speculation as to the validity of Gaiacomm's claim of having
developed a 4G global wireless communications technology. If one does a complete due-deligence into the claim one will find a technology that has verified the science of Quantum Physics and has discovered uses for the Terahertz band in the artful form of wireless communications.
Gaiacomm: To Boldly Go Where No Telecommunications Company Has Gone Before!
December 7, 2002

There has been much speculation as to the validity of Gaiacomm's claim of having
developed a 4G global wireless communications technology. If one does a complete due-deligence into the claim one will find a technology that has verified the science of Quantum Physics and has discovered uses for the Terahertz band in the artful form of wireless communications.
Scientists around the world have been actively researching and developing small pockets of data around terahertz waves, infrasound, and the interfacing of low frequency waves with other higher bands. If one just listens and records the sounds of Nature one will discover the answers to these questions and soon discover the governing dynamics of wireless communications by understanding the coupling of specific frequencies to each other thus propagating them in a way that yields creditable results. A form of signal transduction except not at the cellular level.

We have discovered a way to use the dynamics of the earth's magnetic field and the surface area of the planet to rebroadcast a signal globally and with little or no loss.

We have discovered a way to use Sonar to detect and identify other objects in the oceans without impeding on the communications channels of whales and other mammals that inhabit the deep oceans.

We have discovered a method to communicate to submarines at any depth or location.

We have discovered a method to use the dormant fiber optic rings that exist worldwide to utilize our wireless broadcast system.

We have discovered a method to isolate and manipulate the ionosphere in such a way as to control the dynamics of the electrons that exist and cause isolated fusion reactions within selected regions of the earth's atmosphere, (Compton Effect).

We have discovered a method to eliminate the dependency on satellites that are too costly to maintain and "clutter" the skies with space junk.

We have discovered a method to effectively broadcast a signal to any location on planet earth to digital devices (cell phones, handheld PDA's), computers, and other frequency specific devices.

We have discovered a method to construct an isotropic type antenna array thus allowing for a 360-degree footprint. The projected radiated signal footprint is 5 million sq. surface miles per antenna.

We have discovered a method to use the earth as a "transponder" and take advantage of the spherical wave-guide that exists globally.
We have discovered a method to keep control of the cost of operation down thus passing a significant savings to the ratepayer far cheaper than any telecommunications provider can offer worldwide. In addition, we have designed a pricing structure that will allow global customers to participate with our service and have money to spare.

We ask that all of you follow Gaiacomm's struggle to present its technology to the scientific academia and "push" its way to the front of the telecommunications industry by offering a wireless communications technology that functions and functions well by taking into account the needs of others on this tiny planet and offering reliable quality service, creating global employment, and assisting in developing revenue streams for industry and countries, in short "jump starting" various economies worldwide thus reducing the depend ices on "Super Power" control and manipulation.

Please view our website at www.gaiacomm.org and see the progress we are making with our affiliations with other organizations on our quest to become the leader in wireless communications and Homeland Security.

homepage: homepage: http://www.gaiacomm.org
phone: phone: 310.213.1997
address: address: 19312 So. Gunlock Ave. Carson, CA USA 90746

transponder = tracking device? 08.Dec.2002 18:54

telco, tell me

(hmm, i don't know if all that "chem/contrail" business has anything to do with this..quite frankly, i'm too lazy to find out myself)

notice how it is not suggested that such technology will be used for surveillance or monitoring purposes?

"We ask that all of you follow Gaiacomm's struggle to present its technology to the scientific academia and "push" its way to the front of the telecommunications industry by offering a wireless communications technology that functions and functions well"

--why does there seem to be a need to get to the front of the pack? cuz that's where the most people can be helped, or cuz that's where the most money is to be found? would Gaiacomm make an attempt to put the squeeze play on any other telcomm company that might be able to improve upon the wireless technology, which at worst involves the use of simple (though not necessarily dynamic) repeater antannae (arrays)? (will there ever be an ultimate telco company?)

and isn't the "scientific academia" being pimped by certain interests anyway?

is Gaiacomm evil or what?
are you transpondering what i'm transpondering?

transponder (don't push the button marked "IDENT") (search the text for "Mode S" and ask yourself what the FAA has to do with anything..if you want to of course)

Transponder basics

go here, cue search under "academic" (or "science") (just found a *STRAAANNGEEE* fucking bill..you've got to see this. if you want to, you can still--for now--cue a search at the thomas front page using the term "Israeli academic"...i will say now that this is some insidious shit, so far as i can tell that this is 'authentic'. man, maybe "GRINGO STARS" is on to something. i ain't racist...but what the hell)

(now for an FAA link, check out "S.1682" at the above mentioned link site)

Senator Corzine

(now what does "europium oxide" have to do with legislative matters? what is this guy up to? follow me?

"Europium has been identified spectroscopically in the sun and certain stars. Seventeen isotopes are now recognized. Europium isotopes are good neutron absorbers and are being studied for use in nuclear control applications."
MSDS for Europium Oxide

another substance that Corzine seems to prefer
Dupont link

(anyone want to do a survey for the the ".cn" URL country code with regards to all of Corzine's chemicals? .cn = China)

the "select" committee on homeland security (bill progress) (hit that 1st link "All Bill Summary & Status Info" to get the gist of what these fuckers will/can do)

keeping tags on you (try following the INTELLITAG 500 link :)

"supervisory process control systems". now there's a term i've never seen before

Gaiacomm is for real! Bush get you hands on this and beat John Kerry with it! 01.Aug.2004 08:42

John Woodward

Dateline. October 27, 2003. Jacksonville, Florida.
Gaiacomm International Corporation Chooses Jacksonville

GAIACOMM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, formed to develop superior wireless communications utilizing terahertz technology developed by Founder and Physicist Dr. Judah Ben-Hur, has chosen Jacksonville for its new production facility and headquarters. The company is currently seeking funding for its startup and proof-of-concept development initiatives. Several sources have indicated a strong interest in funding this visionary technological breakthrough with the Gaiacomm technology.

The Board of Directors consists of Dr. Judah Ben-Hur, Chairman, Mr. David H. Horne, Jr., President and CEO, Mr. Dan J. Thomas, Jr., Executive Vice-President and COO, and Mr. Rob S. Cotton, Director of Human Resources. Ms. Brandie M. Halterman is Webmaster / Administrator.

The company's Board of Advisors includes several notables: Florida Commissioner of Education Jim Horne, former Florida DOE Chief Technology Officer Ruben P. Lopez, attorney-at-law, J. Allison DeFoor II, the 1990 Lt. Governor running mate of former Florida Governor Bob Martinez, and William E. ("Bill") Horne, President-CEO, Outback Sports, Inc.

Plans for Gaiacomm International Corporation include full development and commercialization of a global wireless communications protocol that is expected to revitalize a volatile telecommunications industry. The development of this proprietary - and closely safeguarded - technology will have a significant impact on the Jacksonville labor force, creating local employment opportunities for engineers of many disciplines, as well as abundant job opportunities for other non-engineering support positions, including many in high-tech, management and administrative fields.

"The next great business frontier will be found in the wireless communications industry, and innovative product developments for this field are central to the survival of every enterprise, regardless of company size or product volume. Every business is affected by the timeliness of communications, whether it involves its customers, its suppliers, or just its employees. Innovation is key to American companies keeping pace with the European and Asian markets in this decade, and critical in providing continuing careers in engineering and related scientific disciplines for students in our country's colleges and universities. We need to embrace new technologies that promise new business opportunities that will, in turn, strengthen the U.S. economy first and foremost, then the economies of the world." according to Gaiacomm EVP Dan Thomas. "In the wake of the ghastly events of 9-11, the U.S. economy and its employment numbers reeled, staggered, and dropped as an unanticipated result. Employment within the telecommunications industry was particularly hard hit, and is slow to recover. It is paramount that we seek a bold, new technology to help us compete on the world stage again, resurrect our economy, and create jobs for our university graduates and those persons displaced in the aftermath of 9-11".

"... and I believe we have that very technology at Gaiacomm." adds CEO David Horne. "Dr. Ben-Hur has given us a leg up on the competition with this new terahertz-based wireless creation of his. It has so many practical business applications beyond that of simple cell phone usage and computer connectivity that the greatest dilemma I face as President is resisting the temptation to open up too many lines of business at once. Apart from providing wireless telecommunications service, I could launch 9 distinctively separate applications tomorrow if I had the resources and the manpower to fund and staff them.

"I can think of three examples in the field of imaging alone, just off the top of my head. I would say that we could provide consulting services for subsurface exploration of oil, precious metals and minerals, both on land and at sea, using the unparalleled imaging capabilities that our new technology gives us. Why use calculated risk scenarios to determine where you drill? Scientific? Yes. Infallible? No. Costly? You betcha! We'll tell you exactly where it is, how far down it is and what you'll likely encounter on the way down. Sunken ships, same thing. You want to dive on old shipwrecks looking for treasure; determine if your cargo vessel went down where you suspect and whether the cargo is salvageable? We'll tell you where to find the ship and what's on board without even getting our feet wet. All you would have to provide is the general location you wanted searched ... and a modest fee for our services, of course.

"And speaking of cargo, security checks have become the major concern for airports and seaports today. The extraordinary problem they face is how to validate the contents of a shipment that passes through their authority without opening each package or container; and doing it expeditiously when there are thousands of parcels to inspect and certify for the public's safety. We could install our imaging technology at any port where cargo shipments from terrorists could be a problem, combine it with fail-safe detection software and within 90 seconds, scan over ten thousand parcels in an area the size of a football field and identify every weapon of mass destruction, terrorist device and pathogen known to the software.

"Our company's arrival on the business scene seems to me to be one born of kismet because there are suddenly a lot more of these "extraordinary" problems facing the world today that didn't exist a decade ago; and not to put too fine a point on it, we have a technological answer for the majority of them. This is an exciting time for all of us, and a bit scary, and I consider myself privileged to be helping Dr. Ben-Hur introduce this emergent technology with all of its marvelous benefits.

"Before this decade comes to a close, I envision a Gaiacomm workforce nearing 7000", Horne asserts. "That requires a lot of work for those of us who will be implementing the plans for an infrastructure that can accommodate that many employees and the applications they will need to develop and support in order to enter those markets competitively. Jacksonville will play a major role in it all because we plan to hire as many locals for the positions needed as is feasible".

David H. Horne, Jr., President
Gaiacomm International Corporation
8626 Heather Run Drive South
Jacksonville, Florida, 32256-9534
904.607.9966 | E-mail:  gaiacomm@sbcglobal.net
Web site:  http://www.gaiacomm.org

Gaiacomm Technology is Honored! 02.Oct.2004 10:05

Diane Stevens

Gaiacomm International with 2004 Wi-Max Technology Innovation of the Year Award

Date announced: 22 Sep 2004

Frost & Sullivan Honors Gaiacomm International with 2004 Wi-Max Technology Innovation of the Year Award

Date Published: 22 Sep 2004

Las Vegas, Nevada September 22, 2004: Frost & Sullivan will recognize Gaiacomm International Corporation, a front-runner in the development of fourth generation (4G) wireless delivery platform, as the recipient of 2004 Wi-Max Technology Innovation of the Year Award at tonight's Excellence in Mobile Communications Awards Banquet. Gaiacomm receives the Award for its determined efforts toward developing the innovative Global Wireless Communications (GWC) Technology for advanced wireless applications.

The inability of third generation (3G) networks to live up to expectations in providing full-fledged broadband services has hampered the progress of sophisticated wireless applications that require speed and reliability. The absence of a robust delivery platform is compelling users to make a leap to 4G networks and this is exactly why Gaiacomm's GWC venture assumes immense significance.

Gaiacomm's 4G GWC technology, with its ability to provide increased signal speed and accessibility from literally anywhere on the planet, is expected to fill the void. It promises to deliver high quality, low-cost Internet protocol-based services, fiber-optic wireless connections, and thereby power a highly versatile global wireless communications system that could operate in the terahertz frequency regime.

Potential applications of Gaiacomm's GWC are enormous and include business-to-business transmission as a "private" network; service to metropolitan areas where fiber rings are located; and the enabling of access points that provide ultra-high-speed wireless access from the ring to neighboring buildings and businesses located within a radius of 15 miles. With such tremendous capabilities, it finds extensive use in military communications, homeland security, and a host of other mission-critical applications.

"Gaiacomm is one of the few survivors of the telecommunications business meltdown, and it is amongst a handful of companies that can boast of a breakthrough technology in its true sense," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst, Sivakumar. "With adequate funding and proprietary technology, Gaiacomm is well poised to expand the accessibility of the GWC technology space and become a major force in this sector."

For being a visionary in wireless communications technology and achieving technical excellence in its chosen field, Gaiacomm is the worthy recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2004 Technology Innovation of the Year Award. The award not only underlines the quality and depth of Gaiacomm's R&D program, but also its ability to take calculated risks in pursuit of a path-breaking endeavor.

Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation of the Year Award is presented annually to a company that has carried out new research, leading to pioneering innovation that already have or are expected to provide significant changes in the industry in terms of market adoption and competitive landscape.

Held in Las Vegas, Frost & Sullivan's 2004 Excellence in Mobile Communications Awards Banquet honors world-class companies for outstanding performance and achievements in wireless and mobile strategy, technology, platforms, and services. An annual event, the banquet recognizes the quality and merit of distinguished individuals and companies.

When notified of their selection as the winner of this year's award, Gaiacomm International Corporation President and CEO David H. Horne, Jr. expressed his gratitude and appreciation by saying, "Thanks so much. You have changed our lives forever and given us the credibility we have been seeking and altered our future in a way that simply could not be purchased or achieved otherwise. Dr. Ben-Hur, the physicist and genius behind this technological innovation will be thrilled."

About Gaiacomm International Corporation

Gaiacomm International Corporation was formed to secure contracts with all agencies and entities, private and public sector concerns, for the use of a special venture of high technological significance, the "Global Wireless Communications" Technology. This technology primarily deals with a global network of land-based communications systems that use the magnetic field of the earth as a means to carry, reflect, and redistribute the signal, a modulated helix protocol, and a dedicated continuous power output, which will allow the use of newly designed wireless devices that are built around the new wireless protocol. Military communications will be greatly enhanced with a secure band exclusively dedicated for the entire gamut of military operations under water, on land, and in the air, at a reasonable cost. For detailed information, visit www.gaiacomminternational.com.

About Frost & Sullivan

Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan is recognized as a global leader in growth consulting. Frost & Sullivan Awards are presented to companies that demonstrate excellence in their industry, commending the diligence, commitment, and innovative business strategies required to advance in the global marketplace. Frost & Sullivan rigorously analyzes specific criteria to determine award recipients in a vast variety of industries. For further information, visit www.frost.com.


Stacie Jones

Dr. Judah Ben-Hur
PO Box 23903
Jacksonville, Fl 32241-3903
E-mail:  gaiacomm@sbcglobal.net
Web site:  http://www.gaiacomminternational.com

Dr. Judah Ben-Hur and the Nobel Prize in Physics 09.Oct.2004 14:54

Dr. Julius Steinman

After careful reading of the works of this young man I feel that either Dr. Ben-Hur get a Nobel Prize for Physics for the 4G system or one for peace for his political essays that are refreshing!

Dr. Ben-Hur for the Nobel Prize in Physics! 01.Nov.2004 06:41

David Moore, PhD

I have read some of the political essays of this person and he does write the truth. I wish more people could be so bold in this day and age. As for the 4g technology I find it also odd that there is no public "white papers" on the subject and no peer journal reviews but I can understand especially if you want to keep your research from prying eyes that only wish to exploit it for reasons they only know. But if it is proven that this terahertz technology can work then by all means we should place Dr. Ben-Hur's name in the hat to the Nobel organization for consideration of the Nobel Prize in Physics for this great discovery. As for the Peace prize well we will see. I think one is good enough.