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Taco Bell Protest

Taco bell protest (december seventh)
What happened to the Taco Bell protest today? We showed up no later than 1:00, and not a boycotting being was in sight...
boycotts are a federal crime now 07.Dec.2002 20:29

Mr President

Don't Let Up 07.Dec.2002 22:58

Jennifer Polis jennifersvoice@yahoo.com

I was involved in getting the word out about Taco Bell's treatment of thier tomato pickers while I was a student in Pennsylvania. We never actually organized a TB protest, but we did table to get the word out.

I would love to keep the pressure on Taco Bell and start protesting. I arrived in Portland about 3 months ago and saw that there were protests, but nary a word has been said in while. WE HAVE TO KEEP THIS THING GOING!!! Contact me, and let's set up more protests!

we were there 09.Dec.2002 18:36

pcasc/ cbloc pcasc@igc.org

Maybe you were at the wrong taco bell? folks were at 50th & sandy until around 2pm.

I am just a volunteer-- and am not sure the location of the next picket. please call pcasc/ cbloc for all the correct info at 503-236-7916.

Also, we meet the 1st & 3rd wednesday of every month. Come on by at 616 E. Burnside at 7pm.

616 E. Burnside