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Write a letter to OR Attorney General for prisoner Jeff Free Luers

dear friends: the following letter was written - upon his request - by friends and supporters of jeffrey luers, aka "free", from portland & eugene. significant events for "free" will likely be occurring in the following months, and we urge you to fill out this letter - using a real name and address - and sending it to attorney general hardy myers. also, please print this letter out and pass it on to friends and potentially sympathetic people.
Write a letter to OR Attorney General for prisoner Jeff Free Luers
Write a letter to OR Attorney General for prisoner Jeff Free Luers
Hardy Myers, Attorney General 400 Justice Building Salem, Oregon 97310

Re: Jeffrey Luers, Appellate Case #A115208

Dear Sir,

I am writing in regards to the Circuit Court appeal of Jeffrey Michael Luers. Jeffrey is appealing his conviction and sentence relating to the 2000 arson at Romania Chevrolet and attempted arson at Tyree Oil Company, both in Eugene, Oregon. Notably, this includes conviction on three separate counts of Arson 1, with enhancement to Measure 11, for a single fire at Romania Chevrolet, a fire in which no one was injured. At trial, the State's witness testified that they were in no danger of injury. By his own admission, Jeffrey stated that great care was taken to prevent injury to anyone. The fire was intended to damage property, and property was all that was damaged - less than $40,000 worth. While not dismissing the serious nature of the crime, enhancement to Measure 11 is unwarranted, as there were no injuries and damage was relatively minor. I also question the conviction on three separate counts of Arson 1 for a single fire.

Jeffrey was sentenced to 22 years, eight months, a sentence far greater than that faced by many offenders convicted of violent acts against individuals. For example, Manslaughter 1 carries a 10 year sentence; Attempted Murder, only 7and a half years; Rape 1, 8 years four months. Clearly, Jeffrey's sentence is vastly disproportionate to the crime of burning three vehicles. In fact, his co-defendant received only 66 months. It is my belief that Jeffrey's sentence is due more to his political beliefs than to the severity of the crime.

Therefore, Mr. Myers, it is my sincere hope that you will take these points into account with regards to Jeffrey's appeal, and that you will consider allowing the State of Oregon to concede to a lesser sentence in the interest of justice.




homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org

Who is Jeff Luers? 07.Dec.2002 14:19


Biography of Jeffrey Luers

My name is Jeffrey Luers. Most of my friends call me "Free". I have been active since 1996 fighting for a range of issues such as animal rights, gender equality, anti fascism, eco-defense and others. These issues are not separate they are one struggle, one fight. My story is only a small part of a greater whole. . .

In my lifetime I have witnessed an onslaught against the inhabitants of this world lead by the greed of industrialized nations. It is my belief that the oppression of people is rooted in the oppression and exploitation of nature. A fundamental disrespect for life that began with the conquest of Mother Nature and has lead to the conquest of humankind.

I struck back. In an act of resistance designated to raise awareness and draw attention to a problem that affects every human being, every animal, every plant, and every form of life on this planet. I am speaking of global warming, air, soil and water pollution. We are in the midst of a global environmental crisis.

On June 16, 2000 I ignited a fire that would forever change my life. I torched 3 SUV's. I took extra care and used specific fuels to ensure no one would be injured.

Approximately 30 minutes after the fire was lit and extinguished, I was taken into custody by 3 undercover agents who had been following me, one of whom I would later learn to be a member of an anti-domestic terrorist unit. I was arrested on Criminal Mischief One,a charge that carries about one year. In the course of one week that charge would multiply into 10 felony counts, including 3 counts of Arson One. Getting to trial took the course of a year. By trial I had accumulated 13 felony counts, now including conspiracy with persons unknown. I was looking at a little over 100 years. I refused to take a deal.

Trial was a joke, literally. We proved evidence had been tampered with, officers had lied and that the prosecutor had manipulated evidence to get a legal search. On top of that the judge refused to allow me to separate the trial. I had been charged with two different fires. Law requires that upon request separate offences must be tried separately. The final blow came when the judge threw out the testimony of my expert witness. In the end I was convicted of 11 felony charges. I was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months. I have no possibility of parole.

This is only a summary of events that took place in the course of a year.

For more information contact me directly at: or my defense network at:

Jeffery Luers #13797671,OSP,2605 State Street,Salem, OR 97310

Free's Defense Network, PO Box 50263,Eugene, OR 97405


New Nickname 08.Dec.2002 06:54

plurality plurality@hotmail.com

Jeff, I'd advise you to get a new nickname. Your legal arguments suck...they won't "appeal" to appellate judges; if you knew any law (or if your lawyer explained anything to you) you'd understand.
I suggest you lose the name "Free" for about 10 to 15 years.
Yrs in Faith,

Incredible Injustice 08.Dec.2002 07:04

Den Mark

I've written & will pass the word. This incredible injustice warrants a petition drive.

nice comment 08.Dec.2002 08:54


hey plularity,
you're a real ass. It must make you feel good to have wrote that from the safety of your little portland house, you asshole.

Open publishing websites makes little dick losers like him feel very tough because they can say what they want without any accountability.

Responsibility for your actions 09.Dec.2002 13:15


So what makes you a hero? Why are you diferent from any other criminal in the State Pen? Just because your ideals are for a "greater cause" doesnt make your methods any LESS criminal. You give activism a bad name and then cry about the consequences of your stupidity. What ever happened to getting involved to make a difference? I see this mentality of helplessness over and over again, one against the world. These tactics play into the hands of your opressors. Not to mention, if your concerened about global warming, setting fire to several vehicles is rather hypocritical.

You are the lonely ones in this game. Other people can still lead productive lives while trying to make positive changes in our world. Its a shame to see young idealism turn into punishable crime.

tyranny 10.Dec.2002 22:50


you know it doesn't surprise me at all.
you see america has essentially become a tyranny, it exports death around the world and terrorises its own people in the name of truth, liberty and the american way. unfortunately for this poor fellow in jail the only thing he can hope for is a revolution, storming of the bastille style where all of the enemies of the forces of darkness that have taken over america will be set free. it may be some time before the so called middle class of america wake up and realise that they aren't middle class any more and they'll be the ones that start the revolution - not the popular myth of the poor and the down trodden starting revolution (for the western world any way). the best thing this fellow can do is brave out his sentence and then get the fuck out of america. my advice to any sane person is to leave that god forsaken place.