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Support the Call for Kroeker to resign!

Join the Latino Network in calling for Police Chief Kroeker's removal!
The awarding of medals to officers who shot and killed Jose Poot was one more in a long line of actions by Kroeker that are thoughtless and unethical. This racist, homophobic intolerant man has been an embarrassment to this city for too long.

If everyone gets behind the campaign calling for his resignation or firing, he CAN be kicked out of Portland. This is a local, national, and international story and a victory here would be a great precedent and message to the nation.

Keep calling the Mayor and voicing your opposition to Kroeker and demand she fire him. Email her every week, or day.

"We need your help to continue our campaign to remove Chief Kroeker. Mayor Katz has stated she is not asking Kroeker to resign. Help us to change her mind! We need you to call her office at:
and or send an email to:

Make your calls and send your e-mails today. And call on five of your friends to do the same.

Katz = Problem; Kroeker = Stinking Symptom 08.Dec.2002 14:00

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Vera Katz alone has authority to fire Kroeker. SHE seems to follow HIS lead in police matters. This is not wholly unreasonable, as he is the "professional". On the other hand SHE is the BOSS and acts like the subordinate.

And we, as residents and voters have authority ONLY over KATZ; we have absolutely none over Kroeker.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has long been a typical police force: a) more committed to protecting property-rights than human and civil rights (i.e., pro-wealthy, pro-elite); b) with too many members who are racist or otherwise bigoted, testosterone-driven, and/or abusers of authority; and, c) observant of the standard Code of Silence to protect one another from accountability for wrong-doing. But Kroeker, with experience as a global policeman in Europe, as well as a member of the less-than-benevolent LAPD, brought with him to Portland a full (albeit slickly-covered) fascist-police-state mentality. (This is in addition to his documented fundamentalist outlook on such issues as sexual minorities and advocacy of physically abusive "punishment" of children; an unrepudiated perspective that ought to be an embarrassment to the professed social progressiveness of Katz.) His community-by-policing goes beyond the mere day-to-day functions of "law enforcement" and extends into the rest of the life of the City of Portland. (The FBI-Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force predates 9/11.) This may be happening throughout the country with the War on Terrorism, but Kroeker seems to be in the vanguard of the New World Order.

VERA KATZ TAKES HER CUE FROM MARK KROEKER AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT. Removing Kroeker would not exonerate Katz, it would merely acknowledge a problem and diminish future damage to the PPB, to our City, and to justice. Vera Katz will continue to pursue pro-wealthy, anti-democratic, anti-civil-liberty policies as long as she is mayor.

Vera Katz has more authority and power than Mark Kroeker. Kroeker is the most visible symbol of Katz's mis-management of the City of Portland. WHAT THE CITY NEEDS TO DO IS TO RECALL KATZ FROM OFFICE and replace her with an appropriate, viable representative of the people of Portland. Apparently, we're not ready or willing to take Vera Katz on directly at this time. Nevertheless, we should at least make her pay a political price for having imposed Kroeker and his policies and practices on the city for so long. This includes making it untenable for her to choose a new chief of police without a more open hiring process than that which recruited Kroeker. All parts of the community should be involved - and this most certainly includes the various groups that have been blatantly offended and abused by Kroeker.

The crux of this is that criticizing Kroeker is wholly insufficient. As mayor, KATZ appointed herself police commissioner. As such, KATZ is responsible for Kroeker being in office each day. KATZ is accountable for everything HER police bureau does and everything HER chief does. Whether she is his boss - as the city charter states, or he is her boss - as their behavior indicates - EVERY PUBLIC CRITICISM OF KROEKER SHOULD CLEARLY HOLD MAYOR KATZ ACCOUNTABLE.

El Hispanic News got it right in their Dec. 4 headline, "KATZ DECLINES TO ASK FOR KROEKER'S RESIGNATION."

Until the HEAT is on KATZ, she won't dump Kroeker. And if and when she DOES get rid of Kroeker, she ought to carry forever heavy political baggage both for allowing him to operate and for letting him guide her own policies for so long.