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conservative media bias?

A new poll indicates most Americans disagree with top Democrats that there is a conservative bias in the media that shouts down and drowns out liberal voices.

According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, one-quarter of Americans believe there is a conservative media bias compared with nearly twice as many who perceive a liberal bias in the news.
Over the past few weeks, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Tom Daschle and other leading Democrats have made statements complaining about a conservative media bias. However, just 25% of Americans believe that there really is such a conservative bias. Twice as many, 47%, believe there is a liberal bias "in the nation's major media outlets."

Even self-described liberal voters aren't sure about what they're hearing from national Democratic leaders. Just 37% of liberals see a conservative media bias, 41% do not. Among all Democrats, opinion is split with 35% taking each side.

The opposite view-- that there is a liberal bias in the media-- is held by majorities or pluralities of men, women, young, old, investors, white Americans, those who discuss politics frequently with family and friends, conservatives, moderates, private sector workers, and union members.

Republicans see a liberal bias by 70% to 9% margin. Unaffiliated voters share this view by a 38% to 28% margin. Democrats are divided—33% see a liberal bias and 36% disagree.

Even among core Democratic constituencies, the notion of a conservative media bias is a hard sell.

• When asked if there is a conservative bias, 38% of union members say yes, 42% say no.
• 33% of black Americans see a conservative bias, 25% do not.
• 31% of government employees say there is a conservative bias, 51% disagree.
• Among those who say they will vote for Al Gore in 2004, 35% say there is a conservative bias while 34% disagree.
• Women, by a 40% to 24% margin, say there is no conservative bias.

Moderates reject charges of a conservative bias by a 43% to 24% margin. Only 26% of those who talk about politics at least once a week with family and friends agree with the charges of a conservative bias, 55% disagree.

Charges of a conservative media bias by national Democrats may simply be the result of frustration over the weakness of their party. As described in The GOP Generation, the Democrats are likely to become a permanent minority party if President Bush performs well over the next two years.

Please share your thoughts about media bias.

Data in this article is derived from a national telephone survey of 1,000 adults conducted by Scott Rasmussen Public Opinion Research on December 4 and 5, 2002. The margin of sampling error for the full sample is +/- 3 percentage points, with a 95% level of confidence.

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expectation "issues" 07.Dec.2002 08:45

this thing here

>However, just 25% of Americans believe that there really is such a conservative bias. Twice as many, 47%, believe there is a liberal bias "in the nation's major media outlets."<

if 60% of people believe santa is real, does that mean it's so?

if 40% of people believe santa is not real, does that it isn't so?

these kinds of polls don't PROOVE anything, they just illustrate what people think.

i feel sad for republicans who believe 70% of the media is far left, and 30% isn't. for them to believe that the likes of Fox News Network, CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the newspapers and radio shows are left of center means they are essentially far right nazis looking for a mainline fix of pure propaganda. will they ever be satisfied? will they ever find a news network that measures up...

it's intersting that both "left" and "right" think there's some kind of bias, one way or the other. but i don't think it means that "the media" is doing a good job because it's pissing off both sides. it just means the media is playing both sides, trying to piss off one side to attract the other, and missing the truth.

whatever the story, there is a truth behind it. something happened, and there are facts to proove it. it may not please one side, but like it or not, there is a truth somewhere, and truth doesn't play politics. it just is. but the media wants to play politics more than do it's job of being a nuetral messenger of the truth. it can make more money by pleasing, placating, brown nosing, kissing ass, and stirring people up than it can by being impartial and looking for what really happened, saying "just the facts, ma'am."

this is just my opinion. it isn't a "fact". it isn't a fucking poll. but i think there's a mindest in the american public. and this mindset is really quite infantile. very, very infantile and childish. and everybody's guilty of it, including myself. no denying it.

the mindset is the infantile expectation that the world works according to how one side wants it to. that all the news is going to be good news. that the news will show that one side is more right about the world than other. that any news we will see is supposed to measure up to how we thought it would be. this is such an infantile, childish, selfish expectation. in a sense, people want their news exactly how they want their hamburger: just as they ordered it. and so people get pissed off at "the messenger" when something they don't like is shown on the t.v. screen. but the world don't work like that, never has, never will...

What the lemmings believe 07.Dec.2002 10:33

Orwell's long lost cousin

The mindless lemmings of America also believe we still have fair elections, a just economy, all of our civil liberties and rights, the government really is for and by the people, an equal justice system, no corruption in our corporate system, national security is meant to protect the people and above all else, Bush really cares about us. That is why the content on television is called PROGRAMING. The mindless lemmings just eat it up 'cause it makes them feel good to believe all these lies. Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance. All kind of psychological studies have shown people to believe all kinds of falsehoods against something they are invested in. Most people have invested their beliefs into our country being the best on earth, doing no wrong, standing up for freedom, truth, justice and blah, blah and blah. The truth (of course in my opinion) is quite the opposite. So for the majority of the people to believe the corporate media as being liberal is laughable. Do liberals own the media? No. Then why would conservative owners allow a liberal slant. Totally ridiculous. Santa is coming soon to bring us all new goodies. I can't wait!

The greatest irony of all 08.Dec.2002 02:16

Relatively Exact

I think one reason most Americans find it hard to believe that there is a conservative bias in the media is that so many well-known conservative blowhards, such as Rush Limbaugh, routinely accuse it of having a LIBERAL bias.

Who are you gonna believe? An unfrozen caveman capitalist fatman or a posterior-kissing liberal Democrat? Tough choice.

Frankly, I'm more inclined to believe that the corporate media has more of a PROFIT bias than anything else, but that's just my personal opinion.

liberal media 09.Dec.2002 02:38

dj tubesteak

actually, if you watch the major corporate media organs (CNN, Newsweek, etc.) really closely right around elections, many of them do seem to slightly favor Democrats, or at least that's the conclusion I've come to. Whether or not you think the Democrats are "liberals", they do seem to be getting slightly more helpful treatment when in tight political situations. (Note how time, newsweek, cnn, ny times, etc. tore into Ralph Nader during the 2000 elections. a conservative media could presumbaly have cared less about Nader, but given that he was perceived as a threat to the Democrats, he was singled out and mercilessly attacked) Obviously, there's a massive preference for the DLC faction against the progressives, and in any case they'll always back up whoever's in control, but it seems like the people running the more supposedly 'objective' papers and networks would prefer right-wing democrats like Clinton and Gore to their Republican counterparts. My postulation is that DLC Democrats like Clinton (either one), Gore, and Lieberman are (perhaps correctly) viewed as the better group to implement corporate policies, as they serve to suppress some of the liberal dissent that emerges when Republicans attempt to implement those same policies (Bush sr. tried to push NAFTA through but there was too much opposition, so they brought in Clinton)

Relatively Exact is correct, I think. Conservative and liberal are pretty meaningless terms in 21st Century America, the people in charge can use them interchangeably depending on what best serves their interests.

I'd suggest to anybody that hasn't that you read Herman and Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent'; it examines the mechanisms and conditions though which certain perspectives are selected and publicized and others suppressed, one of which is the proliferation of the stereotype of a left-wing media ("flak") that serves to suppress dissent with the threat of being slapped with the 'liberal media' label.