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'Peace Pastors' to exorcise Palestine and Israel

The ecumenical group of Christian pastors who led an exorcism and "spiritual fumigation" walk around the Portland Federal Building last month is planning a new public prayer service for Christmas Eve.

Rev. Gabrielle Chavez, who initiated the earlier action, contacted co-conspirators, pastors from the United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Presbyterians, Evangelical Friends, and the Portland State Episcopal/Lutheran chaplaincy to begin planning a service at the Peace Plaza, located in the South Park Blocks at Columbia, across from St James Lutheran Church, set for noon on December 24.

The focus (pair of beneficiaries) of this radical spiritual action will be Israel and Palestine. The "rite of social exorcism" invites participants to pray for the "cleansing and realignment of the social institutions of the nations of Israel and Palestine for the support of peace on earth."

The prayer activity will conclude with a caroling procession to the churches in the immediate Peace Plaza area and the release of a dove symbolizing the birth of peace.
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