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'Liberal' Nation magazine publishes government anti-pot ad

From the open publishing newswire: In the 12/30/02 issue at page 8, The Nation published this full page ad:

Header: Picture of small bag of marijuana.
Title: "Is it OK to Support Terrorism if it's only a Little Bit?"
Sponsored by: Office of National Drug Control Policy

The text of the ad states that if you buy drugs you are financing drug cartels, people who are responsible for terrible things. If you stop buying drugs, the dealers and violence would go away. It concludes by saying it doesn't matter if you only buy a dime bag... "you pick which side you're on by buying it in the first place."

So pot smokers are on the side of the "terrorists?" Oh really... The Nation says that it blanketly accepts any advertising that does not impede the use of its editorial columns, unless the ads are "blatantly misleading" or purveying harmful products in which case they fall into the gray area of discretion. If the above ad is not blatantly misleading, what is? [ Read More... ]