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Nefarious Cabal of Fascist Geeks Rampage on the Net

Source of online harassment against anarchists, communists, Muslims, and socialists uncovered.

Nefarious Cabal of Fascist Geeks Rampage on the Net

Many opponents of the Fascist Occupational Government have been targeted with Internet harassment. This harassment has come in the form of forged emails, attacks against websites, anonymous threats, and forum spamming. Intelligence analysts of the Resistance have identified the source of these activities. This cyber harassment radiates from the secret KOBE organization, an organization that claims to be working with the US and Israeli Governments.

The KOBE organization maintains a website and two forums. Intelligence information concerning these websites and forums can be found within the Intel section of resistance website Break Your Chains. In an effort to keep their own forums clean, KOBE meets at the Pakistan News Forum. This forum was seized by the KOBE organization several months ago.

Close tracking of the activities and IP addresses of the KOBE organization lead to the backbone of the Internet itself. Their commander, known as KOBE HQ, is either employed by or has direct access to the servers of UUNET. With this level of access, KOBE HQ monitors the online movements of members of the opposition. KOBE HQ claims to be connected to Israeli intelligence, and we have reason to believe that this is true.

The KOBE website is run by an individual who uses the moniker KOBE SBM. KOBE SBM has registered his WEBSITE and server under false names. We have information concerning his place of employment, but protection of our methods require that we maintain silence.

Other individuals in the KOBE network are employed by Microsoft, ADDR.COM Web Hosting, and Lynden. Geographically, KOBE contains units in Georgia, Texas, California, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, and Alaska.

The KOBE organization has claimed to report dissidents to the Office of Homeland Security.

KOBE targets Muslims, anti-war organizations, independent news outlets, liberals, socialists, anarchists, and critics of Israel. Their primary focus has been to terrorize forum users into abandoning online criticism of the Bush Regime. The KOBE organization needs to be stopped.