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Critical Mass Liberul Parade was a farce

Critical Mass with a permit is a joke. They're OUR streets. We don't need a fucking permit to ride our bikes!
I don't care if all those liberuls had fun. Critical Mass is goddamed dead. Fuck permits. Fuck cops. Fuck Liberuls.
BS 30.Nov.2002 21:14

Ed Harley

Uhh.. one individual took it upon himself to apply for a permit (without consulting anyone else), out of thousands of people who participate in CM. Yeah, it caused some confusion, and tension with the cops, but saying that CM is "dead" is pretty absurd. I realize how fashionable it is to disparage "liberuls" these days, but please... get a f-ing clue. Why don't you take some responsibility for your own experience and stop blaming it on some stereotyped boogeyman.

If only.... 01.Dec.2002 01:57


You have a good point, Ed, but I'm afraid it's wishful thinking. Many if not most if not all so-called "anarchist punks" have to have some kind of boogeyman to rail against to give them a reason to exist.

It's sad.

Not only does it give radicals with any measurable amount of sense a bad name, but it also helps make damned sure that the whole movement will never get anywhere. How can you expect to win converts by chasing people away with an "in your face" attitude? How can you organize a cohesive movement when you're constantly declaring war on your allies? The answer to both is, "You can't." That's simple common sense, and I can't understand why so many people who participate in these demonstrations and what-not have so much trouble figuring that out.

It makes me wonder if the real cause they are serving is really their own vanity.

Wake up!!! The right is winning because they are willing to work together and try to appeal to people. The last election showed that clearly. As long as the left is full of "proponents" who are only interested in fighting just for the sake of getting off on fucking with someone, the whole movement is dead in the water.

Flame me if you like, but that's the truth of the matter.

Permit makes radicals happy at C-mass 01.Dec.2002 03:50


The mass started, and about 15-20 peoples went their own way, thinking that they were splitting off from the "main" mass to be all radical. Little did they know that the majority of the mass was going it's own way and was like "fuck the permitted route". The 15-20 radicals ended up on the PERMITTED route somehow and had the cops tied up escorting them through the route while the other peeps did their thing. It was fucking awesome. These brave souls turned out to be decoys that kept the cops busy whilst others could do the "real" mass. The permit only served to throw confusion into the police FORCE and keep them from harming people (mostly). Later on the 15-20 peeps joined back up with the mass and it went as usual, riding until it dwindled out. Yay.

N'Gark 01.Dec.2002 04:11


You're full of shit. The right is not "trying to work with people". Check out the last elections in which they stole the votes. Democracy doesn't exist anymore in this country, if it ever did. If you can't or won't see that, then go fuck yourself while the rest of us try to stop this bullshit, but whatever you do, stay out of the fucking way.

Temper, Temper! 01.Dec.2002 17:33


(scraping the ash off...)
Aw, Boop, you disappointed me. If you are who I think you are, I usually enjoy and agree with your postings. This time I think you let your temper get in the way.

You didn't even address my main argument. Instead, you just jumped on one line and used it as your sole basis for shooting me down. What disappoints me is that that's exactly the same tactic used by these right-wing assholes that cause trouble on this site, such as Pat Kinkaid and FWR. Your heart is obviously in the right place, I think, but I'd hate to think you were no better than those fools.

So maybe the right did steal the election in at least some parts of the country (obviously, in the cases of Texas, Minnesota, and Florida). But they are still going to great lengths to put on a good face to win over the public. If they didn't care what people thought they wouldn't be trying so hard to legitimize everything they do. They put up a well-packaged, united front. On the other hand, when you look at the left these days, it seems like for every ounce of meaningful effort you see a ton of irrational ranting and people FSU and fighting within their own ranks. Honestly, Boop, which side do you think the corporate-numbed public is going to sympathize with?

Democracy doesn't exist in this country? So, why not create it at the grassroots level? FUCK the system! But democracy, which means "government of the people," obviously needs people to work. You may think me to be "full of shit" and too optimistic about people being nicey-nicey, et cetera, ad nausea, but you can't bring power to the people if you drive people away. It's like putting a tourniquet on your neck to cure a nosebleed.

Stay out of the way while the rest of you try to stop this bullshit? Are you kidding? If you are doing something that has any chance of getting real results, well, chances are I'll be right there with you on the front lines! But if all you're planning to do is go around waving your middle finger and shouting, "Fuck you," especially at people who could be helping you in the fight in other ways, then I will DEFINITELY stay out of the way, because you won't stop ANYTHING that way...except perhaps stop people from sympathizing with your cause.

Okay, your turn.

Here we go again.............. 02.Dec.2002 15:11


N'Gark has a point; the right does put up a united front and that's why they are more successful. The left can not get along, they never have and, at this rate, never will. Okay, liberals are often big jerks. You don't have to convince me of that, I have experienced their hypocracy over and over again. However, you need power in numbers to convince anyone of anything or else you are just marginalized and ignored. Liberals, as offensive as they may be, do contribute the the massive numbers of street demontrations that provide those big numbers for the media to downplay. Without them, you would have a less spectacular showing. Instead of ranting about liberals, show them the errors of their ways. I do it whenever possible, including my own inlaws. I criticze NPR, phony liberals who complain about lack of diversity yet live in mostly white neighborhoods, liberals who have underpaid housemaids, then complain about their level of cleaning, liberals who bowed down to Bush after 9-11 and all the other crap you know about. So bash them damn liberals (in an educated fashion) and then let them know that they need to get their shit together and get off their asses and assets. I know what it's like to be young and want change, I grew up in the 60's and my favorite quote was "the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom". Well, that worked then, but in the long run, you need stamina and momentum.