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Omega Directive

Lurking with precision...
I'm still here and we now have the the Omega Directive online. We are lurking in the dark recesses of this site where we watch your words and capture them with strong anxiety. Take care what you say here when your fingers gently dance on keyboard and remember this because we will someday meet and you will be sitting in a chair and I will be standing.
okay... 30.Nov.2002 16:53

Trilox is neither the Alpha, nor the Omega

...and? would you care to explain what this "Omega Directive" is exactly? since this is a news site.

(and hello again Trilox. when i see you, let me know it's you, 'kay? ;| )

for trilox 30.Nov.2002 19:51

mixmaster white chocolate in the house

Try  http://www.hentai-sailormoon.com/ it's better suited to your tastes.

Title 01.Dec.2002 14:09

is a number

Come get me Trilox, I am here waiting for you. I'll smell you and your friends coming from miles away; blood and money stink on high (thank god your shit doesn't, right?). And here I wait....... wait..... wait.

So... 01.Dec.2002 16:55


...I'll be sitting in a chair and you'll be standing eh? Excellent. That'd put your femoral artery just around eye level.