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Drugs Kill -- Not HIV. HIV=AIDS=DEATH is a myth!

When I make the statement "Drugs Kill - Not HIV", not only do I believe that the HIV-related drugs kill, but that all drugs are potential killers whether they be illegal recreational drugs such as crack, heroin, cocaine, poppers, etc., or prescription drugs such as Valium, Prednesone, diet pills, etc. Even alcohol abuse and cigarettes can kill. At all times I urge everyone to do their own research, come to their own conclusions and acting accordingly take personal responsibility for their own lives -- including their own health care.
Hi! My name is Edward E. Sherbeyn. But please call me Ed!

I live in San Diego, California, USA, and I am what is referred to as a LTNP (Long Term Non-Progressor). I tested postive to the retrovirus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Test over 14 years ago (November 1987) and I'm still alive and well and asymptomatic. I have thus far shown no symptoms that are normally associated with the so-called disease AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Nor have I ever taken any of the HIV/AIDS-related drugs. It is for this and other reasons I decided to create a website to tell "My Story".

I am attempting to reach those who are new to researching the so-called disease called AIDS. Therefore I will try to write as simply as I can for the person who may know near to nothing about HIV or AIDS and are in their initial stages of inquiry, research and discovery. For those who are more advanced, please bear with me because I'm trying to keep it as simple as I possibly can.

There are many people who believe that HIV and AIDS actually exist. The information abounds in the media, government proclamations and drug company advertising. Every doctor you consult who treats people with HIV or AIDS can give you the perspective of the AIDS Advocates.

What is most difficult to find is information dissiminated by those people who call themselves AIDS Dissidents/Rethinkers/Questioners. The main sources of information are pretty much limited to the internet where at least SO FAR there is very little if any censorship. Dissidents are unorganized groups and individuals challenging and questioning the veracity of what we have been told over and over again for the past 20-something years as being "The Truth". Dissidents are basicly individuals and have no funding by the government or any other deep pocket sources for funding. Dissidents come in many different varieties. The Far Left Dissidents are those who believe that neither HIV nor AIDS exist. The Far Right can be described as those people who adhere to the concept that both HIV and AIDS exist but seriously question the effectiveness of the drugs currently being given as treatment. I fall into the group on the Far Left. My stance will become more understandable as you explore my website.

What you will NOT find on my website is advice. Since I have no background in the field of medicine I am not qualified to give advice on whether to start or stop any drugs your doctor may have recommended to you. Nor will you find advice on which alternative therapy to pursue if you are considering choosing that route. I have no training in the field of nutrition or any other aspect of alternative therapies. My hesitancy to offer advice is not based on legal ramifications but rather on moral issues. Each person is unique and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Just because I have chosen my path, made my decisions, and take responsibility for my own health care does not in any way mean that my decisions are right for any other living being.

It is up to you to do your own research, listen and read all the pros and cons on the issue of HIV and AIDS and then make up your own mind what makes the most sense for you based on your individual needs. Having access to only one side of any issue is by definition propoganda. Questioning and examining as much as you can of all aspects of any issue will make you become better educated and able to make more intelligent decisions.

If after going though my website you still find anything unclear or you wish clarification to things I may have overlooked please do not hesitate to email me and ask questions. I may not have the answers at my fingertips but I will make every effort to join with you to find the information which you are still seeking.

What I want to stress to you, if you are just beginning the journey of exploration, is that you are not alone. I and many others have traveled the road you are just beginning, and we are there to help you. Give us the opportunity to be with you as you struggle to find your way on this very difficult path. You have not been given a death sentence. Let us help you learn how to continue living life to it's fullest keeping in mind that:

HIV=AIDS=DEATH is a myth!

Let's explore together! Let's ask questions and try to find some answers together!

Read my story

homepage: homepage: http://www.ed-sherbeyn.com/main.htm

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah! 30.Nov.2002 15:43

no more lies

AZT killed thousands of "AIDS" patients, the majority of them gay men, until the pharmaceutical companies finally got around to reducing the recommended dosage to about half of what was originally prescribed. Even with the reduced dosage, AZT has no benefit whatsoever to people whose immune systems are already shot but only speeds up their death, and this is the very treatment that so-called AIDS activists (typically featured on Indymedia) keep clamoring about funding for developing countries.

The concept of AIDS was invented a way of pathologizing all the people and behaviors that rich, straight, white, religious, right-wing males find objectionable. These guys were the ones who created the oppression and environmental degradation that brings about the destruction of the immune system, which is destroyed either passively from intense stress due to poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unsanitary living conditions or actively through drug and alcohol abuse, a coping mechanism for oppressed people and environmental factors.

The so-called HIV/AIDS connection was a lie from the very beginning. It was a desperate attempt to link immune system destruction to a virus transmitted through sex and divert attention from the real cause of disease -- poverty, lifestyle, environmental degradation, and oppression. It is still being debated whether or not the HIV virus exists, but those who say it does have found no link to AIDS and claim that many viruses including can live in our system without causing becoming fatal. To date, no researcher has found a direct *causal* relationship between HIV and AIDS. When asked bluntly about this fact, AIDS activists and other corporate shills quickly change the subject. They bamboozle the public by using correlation as the standard, not actual causation.

One dissident scientist is so confident of the fact that HIV does not cause AIDS he personally has offered a reward of $10,000 of his own money to any scientist who can prove, without a doubt that HIV causes AIDS. That reward is still unclaimed.

They also can't explain why Cuba isn't having an AIDS so-called "pandemic" like the rest of the world. Perhaps it is the only country in the world that doesn't have doctors receiving pay-offs from pharmaceutical companies for every HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis they make.

The bottom line is there is no such thing as an incureable sexually transmitted disease. All disease is linked to social/environmental conditions and lifestyle. But people confuse disease with bona-fide genetic/birth defects all the time, and that's why they get suckered into believing everything the "experts" say.

For more info on this scam,

Used Kitty Litter Kills, Assholes 01.Dec.2002 15:38

Fed Up of SF ACT-UP

You know, dumping used kitty litter on people who have AIDS (YES! IT DOES EXIST, JERKOFFS!) is probably more lethal than the theories you're coming out with. Why don't you do you and Gary Null do some real activism, instead of peddling snake oil.

Speaking of dumping used kitty litter 01.Dec.2002 20:53

no more lies

You mean like doctors prescribing toxic AZT to people with severely damaged immune systems, primarily to the poor and oppressed people of color?

Like I wrote before, ask any HIV activist for *evidence* of a *direct* *causal* relationship between HIV and AIDS and voila! They change the subject, for example:

{"You know, dumping used kitty litter on people who have AIDS (YES! IT DOES EXIST, JERKOFFS!) is probably more lethal than the theories you're coming out with. Why don't you do you and Gary Null do some real activism, instead of peddling snake oil."}

As long as we're giving out suggestions here, why don't you come back with some proof that HIV *causes* AIDS? Why don't you show some proof that AZT *prolongs* lives?

Furthermore, I am not, nor have I ever been, affiliated with ACT UP SF or any other organization working on health issues. I am pretty much affiliated with no group at this point. I just do my homework, that's all.

I am not denying the existence of AIDS, just the HIV connection because I haven't seen any proof. If there is no direct causal relationship between HIV and AIDS, that means that AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease, and I mentioned in my previous comment what I believe to be the factors contributing to AIDS. I am also denying the safety and efficacy of AZT and other antiretroviral medications for AIDS because no one has presented any proof that they have been effective, safe, and prolonged the lives of most of the people who took them. I am also opposed to Smallpox vaccines (which contain mercury as a preservative), Anthrax vaccines (which severely injured Gulf War veterans) and all the other concoctions created to suck money away from the average person and into the hands of the corporations. I deny the existence of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy because no one has been successful in proving a direct causal relationship between these figures (or their very existence), and gifts under my tree, goodies in my basket, and money under my pillow.

I contend that AIDS and other degenerative diseases (not the result of a genetic abnormality) are 100% preventable and curable, without the need for magic potions or snake oil, as you put it. Even the most pig-headed skeptic can't deny that plants in their living state contain chemicals. Plant chemicals, or phytochemicals, are not only there to keep plants alive but they nourish and revitalize human cells as well. Why do you think your pharmaceutical and biotech industry bosses are out there trying to get a patent for every single plant species known to man? So they can make us pay for the very plant chemicals humans have been using for thousands of years to heal themselves for free. That's why.

To everyone else reading this, please note that there are two sides to this issue. You can find more information on the issues surrounding the HIV/AIDS controversy from the article, "How the Chronicle Invented AIDS" (link posted in previous comment). Please, do yourselves a favor and become educated about both sides before coming to a conclusion.

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