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The Consumer goes shopping

At sometime around 4:30pm of buy nothing day, The Consumer and their camera person walked into the mall at pioneer square. dressed in a button down gray shirt tucked into black khaki pants, this Consumer had prominently displayed 'consumer' on the back of their shirt so that the crowd would be well aware of this person's intent to consume. (article 1)
The Consumer goes shopping
The Consumer goes shopping
The Consumer goes shopping
The Consumer goes shopping
Security seemed a bit heavy, with some 16 or so guards all gathered together on the ground floor of the mall. So, of course, The Consumer and their camera person headed that way immediatly. Before even leaving the first floor there were security guards, both in uniform and out of uniform [with walkie-talkies and video cameras] trailing the duo.

They traipsed up and down the escalators in both halves of the mall for approximatly 30 minutes with as many as 6 uniformed guards and 2 [that were noticed] undercover guards at a time following and documenting their travels.

Passerby gawked at the pair and their inapproriately large contingent of security as they window shopped and just sort of, you know, looked sketchy.

After a half an hour of fun [for the pair] and confusion [for the security], the duo escaped to the relative safety of the streets of portland.
Excellent 30.Nov.2002 07:39

Den Mark

Cool & funny. There could be an insane serial killer in the mall, but the bored-to-death-with-their-jobs guards follow a person who's doing nothing but happens to have something on his shirt besides some corporate logo. Duh! I get that every time i protest in Seattle's Westlake Park & have to take my flag with me into Westlake Center to go pee. The flag's smaller than an umbrella, but i always get followed. I also always ask the guards why they're following me, instead of people carrying other things, & of course the question is too puzzling for a reasonable response. So of course, again, i prolong my stay, just hoping they try to make a scene, which they never do, because their whole premise is stupid. Anyway, on to Seattle for the annual anti-wto thing.

Right 30.Nov.2002 08:40

not impressed

it must be nice to be as elite as you. For me, its always funny to watch what the people who cant afford to shop do when they come into a mall. The irony is, as much as you resent the fact that you belong to the lower class, you still cant control your desire to belong to and be a part of the section of society that gather and consume in a shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving. (or any day for that matter) I know that the thrift store or dumpster diving doesnt offer the same sense of acceptance for you. Thats the great thing about a shopping mall, even those who cant afford to shop can still browse and give the impression to others that they have money.

Right Right 30.Nov.2002 17:04

we all just want to belong...right?

yep Right--you can label this conscious person another "self-hater".

"its always funny to watch what the people who cant afford to shop do when they come into a mall"

interesting comment. when i was younger, i used to go to the mall and hang out, maybe take in a movie. now the mall disgusts me so damn much. i can't afford to shop period, but rarely do i worry about going to the store (unless it is to steal...just kidding, i don't steal)

Is it possible? 30.Nov.2002 18:33

Deep Reacher

Is it possible that Ms. or Mr Right is writing about his or her self? I think this is a perfectly reasonable actiontaken together with other actions of other kinds. We need a wide range of wakeup calls for a whole lot of people lost in a variety of kinds of sleep

WHERE DID HE GET THAT SIGN? 01.Dec.2002 17:12


I'll bet he BOUGHT the materials.

Where did you get the computer you are reading this on?

Most likely you BOUGHT it. Or somebody else did and they are letting you use it, one way or another.

How are you connecting to the Internet?

You BOUGHT an Internet connection directly or indirectly.

Get real.

If people "bought nothing", what would happen to places like Laughing Horse Books?

If Indymedia stopped buying electricity and Internet connections, there would be no Indymedia.

The point 02.Dec.2002 16:57

Fletcher newton7786@yahoo.com

That's not the point of buy nothing day. It was, as I understand, just a way to make people aware of everything. As a frind of mine said, it's trying to curb American consumerism and waste.