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upcoming portland indymedia events!

here's some chances to get involved with portland indymedia! remember, this is a completely volunteer-organized and supported resource, and help is always needed. find out how by coming to one of these events/gatherings. meet folks, make plans and new friends, have fun!
editorial meeting
saturday, 30 november, 4:00 p.m.
red and black cafe - s.e. division @ 22nd
editorial volunteers upload features to the site, work on web design and site improvements, compost (or not), and try to find as many ways as possible for the internet to be used for rEvolution. new people and ideas are always invited. community input is also welcome. NO special technical skills required. training will be provided.

print meeting
sunday, 1 december, 6:30 p.m.
red and black cafe - s.e. division @ 22nd
print has been an on-again-off-again project that's "on" again. (check out a couple past issues here.) this newly reconstituted group hopes to get the next issue out in early december. the content is coming together, and a printer has been found, and creative ideas for layout, distribution, etc. are still bubbling forth. get involved with this project on the ground floor and help get it to the top! NO special technical talents required. skillsharing will occur.

not one but TWO (count 'em - TWO) portland indymedia video showings are coming up: nov. 4 at Reed College, and nov. 5 at PSU. exact times and rooms for these evening events will be announced shortly. if you've been to a recent showing, there'll be NEW stuff to see at these two. (and they'll probably be slightly different from each other, so the true indymedia junkie needs to show up for both!)
recent events have highlighted forest defense, anti-war actions, the bike messenger strike, and a special clip from the Zipperist International Party News Network. the focus is on local news stories that are ignored or misrepresented by the bOregonian, Oregon Propaganda Broadcasting, and the rest of the corporate filth that passes for "news media" in this bioregion. forget 'em! come get the real scoop from activist street journalists who get right into the heat of the action and bring it back on tape to show you. find out how to get involved!

corporate media is a disease
indymedia is the cure

"What do we want?"
"The free association of autonomous groups cooperating for the purpose of mutual aid!"
"When do we want it?"

nov 4 and 5 already passed 30.Nov.2002 09:27

video nights

me thinks the author meant
december 4th and december 5th for upcoming video nights

oops! yes DECEMBER 4 & 5 30.Nov.2002 10:39


that's right, the video nights are DECEMBER 4 & 5. good eye. want to be part of the print project? sunday at 6:30, red and black. see you there?

flyer? 01.Dec.2002 14:17


is there a downloadable flyer for the video nights?