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contrail caused by what?

Why was there no plane detected? How were the contrails (without an apparent source) noted? Why has the media latched on to this? So many questions raised...

U.S. Jets Respond to Indication of Approaching Craft

Associated Press
Friday, November 29, 2002; Page A31

The military command responsible for the defense of North American airspace scrambled fighter jets in response to unverified reports of an airborne condensation trail, or contrail, moving from the Caribbean to the United States, defense officials said yesterday.

Lt. Col. Michael Humm, a Pentagon spokesman, said the incident happened Wednesday and that the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs was continuing to investigate.

The reported contrail stirred concern because of the possibility that it could have indicated the presence of an unauthorized jet aircraft in or approaching U.S. airspace.

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Pentagon has taken greater precautions to monitor U.S. airspace.

A contrail is created by vapor from a jet engine in the presence of cold air.

The jets that were scrambled to attempt to intercept and identify the source of the contrail found nothing, said Lt. Cmdr. Curtis Jenkins, a NORAD spokesman.

He said NORAD had developed no new information since the initial report at 4 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

NORAD is reviewing data from its tracking radars in search of evidence, he said.

A Pentagon statement said NORAD received unverified reports of "what appeared to be a contrail of unknown origin," originally in the vicinity of the Turks and Caicos Islands near the Bahamas.

"Initially, it was reported to be heading northwestward toward the United States," the statement said. "Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail over Florida and later over Indiana. Thereafter, no other sightings were reported."

The reported contrail was never verified by visual or radar contact, the Pentagon statement said.

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stealth aircraft.. 29.Nov.2002 20:46


interesting radar blip 29.Nov.2002 20:58


Sir our radar indicates we are currently tracking a Mosquito traveling at 800 miles an hour, at an an altitude of 35,000 feet.

perhaps 29.Nov.2002 21:20

jungle jim

Boing is supposedly attempting to design methods of antigravitic propulsion. just like those so-called flying saucers.


or maybe not...

GASSY GEESE 30.Nov.2002 13:09

above the smoke

Earth is traveling 60,000MPH through a dirty vacuum.
Tons of material a day are swept up. Burned up particles leave ash and smoke. Speeds of 40 KPS can cause a larger chunk to "skip off" the atmosphere if hitting at a shallow angle.
If it's aliens, their saucer needs a tune-up. Were you to aerosol a population, lower level application would be needed.
A b-52 at altitude is invisible to the naked eye...

May be geese. one fall day sven and ole were enjoying a beer outside. Splat on svens new hat. Damn geese got no manners he said. get some asswipe for you sven? says ole.
Naa, by the time you get back, that goose'll be long gone.

:) 30.Nov.2002 15:47

mr condensation


!!! Of course it's not an alien space craft. Of course it isn't chemtrails. The point is that it's apparently advanced technology, and the media's treatment is bizarre.

Here you have reports from several different parties, and a perplexing Pentagon statement. None of the media I've seen indicates how fast the craft would have been going. What I wonder is this: is it an American plane or a plane from some other country? What technology allows it to evade radar? What was so special about the contrails that prompted several different people to report them?