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Strike Back Against Media Concentration and the FCC!

Announcement of how to enter comments into FCC public record for current review of Media Ownership Rules.
Enter your comments into the FCC public record!

You have the opportunity to file comments to curb media concentration.

The new deadline for public commentary on the current ownership rules that affect radio and television ownership is on January 2nd. Your participation is crucial. Go to www.aivf.org/advocacy/fcc.html On that page you will find explanations of all the rules that are being reviewed, and a link to a step by step guide on how you can enter your comments, and show the FCC that media concentration (IE - the creation of AOL/TimeWarner and others) does not reflect the interests of the independent thoughts of we the people.

Please forward far and wide. We have only a little more than a month to curb further media corporate mergers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.aivf.org/advocacy/fcc.html