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The American Media sinks to a new low--even for it--as it tries to discredit the UN Weapons Inspection process by "outing" the sexual practices of one Inspector.

November 29, 2002


A new low for the War Party: Washington Post 'outs' UN weapons inspector as S&M enthusiast

Out of Babylon-on-the-Potomac comes the news that one of the weapons inspectors appointed by the UN to go into Iraq has "a leadership role in sadomasochistic sex clubs." According to the Washington Post, Harvey John "Jack" McGeorge, a munitions expert formerly with the Secret Service, who, we are informed, was picked by the UN "over some of the most experienced disarmament sleuths in the world" - and, no doubt, over some of the most experienced spies, too - has an ... interesting sex life. It's pathetic, really, to read this vicious, leering hit piece, that titillates us in the first paragraph with a lurid hint and then gets to the meat of the issue - so to speak - around paragraph 10

"An Internet search of open Web sites conducted by the Washington Post found that McGeorge is the co-founder and past president of Black Rose, a Washington-area pansexual S&M group, and the former chairman of the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He is also a founding officer of the Leather Leadership Conference Inc., which 'produces training sessions for current and potential leaders of the sadomasochism/leather/fetish community,' according to its Web site. Several Web sites describe McGeorge's training seminars involving various acts conducted with knives and ropes."

"Pansexual," eh? Isn't that just a fancy synonym for horny?

I have long believed that the War Party is capable of anything, and would stop at nothing, to derail the disarmament process in Iraq: but this shocks even jaded old me.

Here's a suggestion: Why don't we start examining the sex lives of newspaper reporters - at least for such prestigious papers as the Washington Post - as closely as we check out those of UN weapons inspectors? I bet we'll come up with stories a whole lot spicier and even less appetizing than Mr. McGeorge's.

The UN, for its part, quite properly defended their employee, declaring that his private life has nothing to do with his job. McGeorge, according to the Post, "said yesterday that a State Department official invited him to apply for the U.N. team, and officials at State and the U.N. did not ask about his S&M background. But he said he would tender his resignation to Blix if The Post printed a story about it."

The sleaze factor is only the "hook" that grabs the reader and drags him down to the level of the author - one James V. Grimaldi - who seems intent on making McGeorge's unconventional sexuality a signifier of the alleged illegitimacy of the inspections process. After all, McGeorge works for the private sector, rather than some government agency, and heads up his own company, Public Safety Group Inc., which markets bioterror products. He offers seminars at $595 a pop, and, sneers Grimaldi, "one online ad promotes his role as a 'certified United Nations Weapons inspector.'"

Much of the article is devoted to echoing the complaints of anonymous US government officials, who bemoan the lack of "background checks" on the inspectors. Only government employees, you see, really have the expertise, they aver, bristling at the UN rule that requires inspectors to resign their government jobs.

Of course, if some really rigorous checks had been done on the inspectors last time around, more than a few spies might have been unmasked, according to former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter: apparently the idea was to stake out Saddam rather than merely his weapons of mass destruction.

"I believe that Mr. McGeorge is technically very competent," said UNMOVIC spokesman Ewan Buchanan. "He knows his subject, which is weapons. As a general principle, I think what people do in their private life, as long as it doesn't interfere with [their] professional life - and I'm not aware that it has interfered - or doesn't break any rules or laws, shouldn't be a significant issue."

Could the effort to fatally undermine the inspection process be any clearer? Next we'll be hearing all about the secret love life of Hans Blix. Before this is over, apparently we are to be spared nothing... .

I won't bother fulminating against the rather odd mixture of prurience and prudishness that characterizes this smear campaign against poor Mr. McGeorge - I'll leave that one to Andrew Sullivan. Suffice to say that this kind of viciousness is a new low, even for the War Party, and a measure of just how desperate they've become. To stoop to this they must really be at their wit's end, frustrated beyond endurance by the prospect of a war that may very well have been aborted before it ever began.

Whatever one might think of McGeorge's sex life, at least he has the decency to carry out his S&M fantasies in private, with consenting adults - unlike the Washington warmongers and their chickenhawk amen corner in the media, who would inflict their sadistic impulses on entire nations.

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these UN inspectors are a joke 29.Nov.2002 18:05


most of them have no experiance looking for arms. Coffe Anan made sure that a man with an exteme lack of curiousity was put in charge.

the russians and french vetoed the first two picks by the bush administration, so now we are left with these bozos.

they did find bagdhad, but thats about it so far.

don't expect inspector clouseau to find shit, but that won't stop the pending war.

pansexual? nope.. 29.Nov.2002 18:19


"Pansexual," eh? Isn't that just a fancy synonym for horny? "

no, it means someone who will fuck, suck any carbon based lifeform. Dead or Alive, dogs, horses, even hussein himself.

Its not important what someone's sexuality is, however what makes you subject to blackmail is. If you are charged with finding nukes, and I have photos of you sucking a german' shepards milkbone that you have dressed up like princess Di, then I can use that in an effort to keep you from reporting what you find. Hence, I'm going to be damn sure I dig up all the dirt on you if you are searching for something I don't want exposed.

This is not hard to understand, just open your eyes.

Raimondo is a joke 29.Nov.2002 18:29

Libertarians are a joke

leave it to Justin Raimondo--the frustrated Libertarian--to refer the wrong definition for *pansexual* in his own article.

Typical day for the corporate (lapdog) press 29.Nov.2002 22:24

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

If the UN Weapons Inspector is, in fact, a well-respected leader of the S&M sex community, then don't you think he'd be pretty good at *hiding things* (nudgenudgewinkwinksaynoMORE) and hence, finding things?

Not that it matters whether any weapons in Iraq are found or not. Regime change is the arrogantly-stated agenda of "our" oil-hungry U.S regime.


Ad hominem (personal attack) is the way the U.S. corporate media works. Working for THE MAN, that is. To actually deal with issues would require real journalism, and reporters would much rather cut and paste from press releases, and then go out to eat. The perennial journalist's dilemna: Mexican or Chinese? hmmm....

a tilt a slant a splat 30.Nov.2002 10:18