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Three Innocent Arabs murdered by exploding Zionist hotel in Kenya

KENYA-Three innocent Arabs were murdered today after their van which was filled with fireworks accidentally crashed into a Jewish hotel in Kenya. Instead of helping the men, who were on their way to a Human rights party to celebrate diversity along with their friends from Indy media, the Jews blew up the hotel to kill them.
KENYA-Three innocent Arabs were murdered today after their van which was filled with fireworks accidentally crashed into a Jewish hotel in Kenya. Instead of helping the men, who were on their way to a Human rights party to celebrate diversity along with their friends from Indy media, the Jews blew up the hotel to kill them.

Leftist groups were quick to condemn Israel. Noam Chomsky who is on a speaking tour of 22 Islamic countries blamed everything on the existence of Israel. "the fact that a country can be Jewish is repulsive .. it is racist for any people other then Muslims to have their own states". Chomsky remarks were met by cheers of thousands of Iraqi soldiers taking a break from gassing Kurdish villages. Col Jihad Icb Mohamed leader of the Iraqi special Chemical division said "I thank Allah everyday for the American left , everyday my soldiers pray for the demise of saddam but thank Allah the American left realizes that Bush is far worse then saddam and organizes marches in support of the great leader" . Jihad complained that in Baghdad they have to kill several people a day in order to motivate people to march against the USA but in the US there are so many willing University students to help support Iraq.

When questioned if his remarks were anti-Semitic Chomsky responded angrily that just because he doesn't like Jews doesn't mean he is anti-Semite. "Just because I believe that Jews are the only people who have no rights to their own state doesn't make me anti-Semitic" chomksy said on fair and balanced Al Jazera TV. Chomsky remarks were interrupted by breaking news from Egypt were 100 men were arrested for looking like homosexuals.

In Sudan outrage against the exploding Zionist hotel was also expressed. Mohamed ibn Osama a Sudanese slave owner was saying, "We in the Muslim world want nothing more then human rights for the Palestinians and all people. Every day innocent Palestinians are killed only because they seek the just cause of destroying a non Islamic states". Mohamed then returned to beating his Christian slave who was trying to get the attention of an idymedia reporter to explain his plight. The Indy media reporter ignored the Christian slave and instead focused his attention on an Al qaida fighter who claimed the US special forces had beat him up when he wouldn't tell them where in a nursery school he had placed a bomb. The Indy media reporter expressed his sincerest apology to the terrorist for the violation of his Human rights "On behalf of real Americans I am appalled at how our county is treating terrorists who are merely trying to fight the Imperialist government of George Bush". The reporters apology was interrupted by screams as Islamic men beat the Christian slave to death
way to go 29.Nov.2002 19:54


do you really think anyone is impressed by this?

I am 30.Nov.2002 00:44

any thinking person would be

Oh, if only it weren't so close to being true, especially the part about that useless old windbag Chomsky. Excellent work!!

HaHAHAW ! 30.Nov.2002 01:47

unrepetant lefty myth destroyer

Yeah, that was funny. Dead on funny. I suspect that I am not only one of few people out there in Virtualdom who read that and laughed my ass off. You know, citizens of LeftyMedia, there are many people out there who use resources like this one, who do not share very many of your absurd ideas at all, but dislike the status quo as much as you, but for different reasons.

As for Chomsky...well, why has the U.S. State Department not yanked that man's passport, stripped him of his U.S. Citizenship, and deported him by now ? Preferably to one of the freedom loving Islamic dictatorships that he lionizes so often. It boggles the mind, how he can continue to suck at the taxpayers tit in Academia, supposedly teaching in a subject, Linguistics, that is completely removed from the political science diatribes he is so revered amongst American Communists for. And that he and many of his acolytes have the unmitigated gall to happily insult the very people who actually PAY the majority of those taxes they suck up.

A friend of mine coined the term "Chomskyite" a few years back, and it is very apt indeed.

Thanks for posting the original article 30.Nov.2002 16:13

asdf the fourth

Awesome post. It's as believable as the rest of the tripe here but much more witty. Thanks and keep it up! Looking forward to future installments. Funny that the local fifth column here can't compete with this gem.


you're seriously proud of yourself for this? 30.Nov.2002 17:32


that's hilarious. I like the whole circle-jerk of comments from pathetic adolescents, too.

I'm sure Mommy is proud of you.

Steve : 01.Dec.2002 03:26

eternal teenager

Why do you have so much anger with the whole teenage rebellion thing ? It's not like me or you ever went through anything like that. It's not like this very valid critique of insipid, naive values transparently born out of ignorance and a blind need for group acceptance, and manifested so completely in your modern Indymedia Mediocretin, hits home or anything. It's not like the idea that people who loathe a particular country and lionize another should move to the country that more closely mirrors their worldview. It's not like people who absolutely hate a political regime, and make outright threats about overthrowing it, should be suprised when said regime takes interest and defends it's interests.

It's not like the very obvious is always rewarded with the very obvious or anything.

It's not like you are so deluded in your religious beliefs, Steve, that you completely confuse valid satire and your strange sexual proliclivities. It's not like your facial expression right now, as you struggle to equate dogmatic Leftism, which you epitomise, and idiot Christianity.

Come on, dude, EMBRACE that whole teenage rebellion. Carry it a step further. Question the dogmas of the people around yourself. Appreciate a good laff, and especially a really good laff, one that makes you laugh at yourself.

Watch "The Producers" 20 times. Take a good jug of wine, a copy of Reich's book about the National Socialists in Germany to bed with you, and call me in the morning.