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Pass an anti USAPA/Iraq War resolution for Portland!!!

So far, 22 cities have signed resolutions related to the USA Patriot Act and/or Iraq war... it's about time that Portland do the same!!
Here is the website containing contact information for Portland City Council Members;


Does anyone know if any of the activist groups have already started the petitioning process for a city resolution?
Addendum 29.Nov.2002 10:42

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

Also, while passing a city resolution may not be able to stop an Iraq war or the government from violating our rights given under the constitution, it sends a powerful message that there is something profoundly wrong with the current administration - it is a good way to spread information about the cause because most local media would publish information about a city resolution.

Hi Sean, here's some info 29.Nov.2002 20:29


PDX anti-PATRIOT Act movement is well underway.


An Anti-War resolution looks to be in the brewing as well, though I don't have the details on that.


Mayor and City Council Roll Eyes 29.Nov.2002 21:20

at the suggestion

My experience with the Portland City Council has been to see them roll their eyes and openly scoff at this idea when it has been requested by members of the public at regular Wednesday City Council hearings.

Perhaps we should get a few hundred people to attend the next meeting this coming Wednesday and lay out the myriad reasons that opposition to the USA Patriot Act is incumbent upon us.

If the Portland Business Alliance suggested the idea, I am sure that the Council would immediately approve such a measure and roll over to expose themselves in a blatantly submissive manner, as they are wont to do.

details 29.Nov.2002 21:33


where & when is the city council meeting?

City of Portland Website 30.Nov.2002 11:31

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com