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SALVATION ARMY's Christmas Card for queers, if SA were honest . . .

GET THE MESSAGE OUT: Those Salvation Army banners up on Portland's downtown street lights are asking for contribuions to a extreme right Christian Fascist organization that continues proudly to proclaim their "biblically mandated" homophobic doctrine and policies. I was horrified to discover this week that even a LOT of queers did not know that. . . FURTHER DETIAL at < http://www.basicrights.org/SalvArmy.html>

SALVATION ARMY's Christmas Card for queers, if SA were honest . . .
SALVATION ARMY's Christmas Card for queers, if SA were honest . . .

relax 29.Nov.2002 08:16


bashing sallys is like slapping my grannie. stop it.

Salvation ARMY? Military Pretenders 29.Nov.2002 14:41

Den Mark

Salvation Army's military persona has always been annoying to me. Uniforms & ranks & stuff make it no surprise that they're right-wing. Like, do they think Jesus would don the uniform & call Himself "major" or something were He here? I realize that many religions have other uniforms & other hierarchies & stuff, but SA is so secularly military that it reeks.

this aint the reservation 29.Nov.2002 16:36


lay off. you scream about being accepted while condemning a square group that helps anyone. quasi military or drag queen. judge not lest ye be judged.

They HELP People? 29.Nov.2002 19:23

Den Mark

Oh, yeah. They HELP people. With other people's money, & on SA's terms. Quite an industry. The bible says, "The poor shall always be with you." I bet SA takes that literally & is maybe happy about it. How 'bout, instead of handing out soup & soap, they work for Justice in the world, so maybe the poor will NOT "always be with" us. Obviously, some SA "soldiers" <gag> mean well, but there's an old saying about giving somebody a fish & feeding him for a day, contrasted with, well, you know.

to all Salvation Army-supporters 01.Dec.2002 02:13

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

I personally believe that the Bible is some of the most offensive schitt-smears ever put to paper, responsible for upholding grand idiocy and true evil. The part that madates all women to be auxiliary support objects for all men is particularly disgusting. But I must admit there are a couple stories of timeless beauty in it as well. But enough of my personal conceits. Whatever gets you through the night; crank, Snoop Dogg, Islam, whatever.

Open your jizz-and-rum-stained Bible to the story of the good samaritan. Read it again. Notice how the good samaritan gave freely to someone in need - AND THE SAMARITAN ASKED FOR NOTHING WHATSOEVER IN RETURN. This is where the SA fails. They extract moral, spiritual and biological extortion; "Pray and pretend like you believe in God, or no food for you." They might as well make people dance and sing for their supper. Small people making folks do things that please them. The SA are no samaritans. What fakes. Can't trust ANYONE in a uniform.

ever been hungry and homeless? 01.Dec.2002 19:13


fuckin clowns

SA 08.Apr.2005 08:11

D irish_lad9@hotmail.com

As a (Gay) Salvationsist myself, i find this article to be wholly misrepresentative of the Salvation Army, every one i have told which includes people fairly high up in the Salvation Army has been nothing but supportive to me. As for making people do things in order to receive help that is rubbish, the offer to come to church or whatever is there but is never forced!!! On the point of asking others to help with the work we do, the vast majority of Salvationists give alot of there own money towards our work. The only reason we ask for more is so we can do more. And on another point the Salvation Army is one of the leading organisations that does help people to help themselves! For example providing water wells in africa, instead of Bottled water, which is what most secular govts tend to send to the developing world! Sorry for the long one, but i felt the debate was becoming a little biased, and judgemental, something you seemed to be preaching against! (Apologies for the Anglicised spelling of things but then im british)

Have a fantastic day!


Perfect Organization 29.Apr.2005 10:55

Youth Director

It's interesting to see so many sides. It's a good thing. I am a Christian. I am against "gay-bashing". I am an employee of the Salvation Army in Canada, as a Youth Director in a small inner-city church. For you who feel that the Salvation Army is a bad organization, that's your right. Please only support us if you agree with what we do. If you don't like how we help others, please don't donate. Use your money in the best possible way to help suffering humanity as you see fit. If you are giving to, or know of a "perfect", or even "better" organization, please, if you would, let me know which one that would be. I am alway trying to better my small corner of this organization (without comprimising what the bible says) and I'm always looking outside to get advice. I angers me that some members of our organisation mess up in ways that hurt the whole, but I guess that comes with being part of something bigger than just myself. Thanks for speaking up, and please remember, a lot of us in the Salvation Army are really here to help people, but we're not perfect.

The Misinformed 27.May.2005 12:59


Very interesting to see those who think they know something about things they truly know nothing about. I had a freind who truly believed he knew everything there was to know about cars, ironically he did not. Most of the folks here who are bashing the Army, or the Bible, know very little of which they speak. The parable of the good samaritan has very little to do with money and very much to do with who and how to love. You see Jesus was being tested by the religious leaders of his day. One fiesty lawyer really wanted to impress everyone around and so he decided to verbally joust with Jesus regarding eternal life. The long and short of this story is that Jesus told him and all within earshot that merely knowing what is right and not doing it is of no value to anyone. The second part of the lesson Jesus taught was that we need to love everyone, regardless of weather or not they are friend or enemy.
As far as the Bible treating women as objects rather than people...this is another belief that is taken completly out of context. Paul freed women to learn in the same way men do, have the same positions as men by making women decons in the church and so on. Jesus respected women and also gave them a position of freedom by including them in his ministry with men.
As far as The Army is concerned...
Sometimes people just need a fish, other times people need to be taught how to fish. There are many, many of us in the Army who follow the principle of the good samaritan, and since I am a realist I know there are some that do not. But for those of you who really don't know about the Army, (by the way our uniforms are not a sign of aggression just structure with spiritual symbolism) I challenge you to really educate yourselves before speaking without proper knowledge. Perhaps you think you know...judging only by the listed comments most do not have a clue. Here is an example for you to ponder...In one little upstate NY community the Army ran a free after school program that served 50 children everyday. The participants were chosen on a first come first served basis...did I mention the program was free? Snack was provided, homework help given, music lessons taught...all with no strings attached. This happens in communities around the world every day...perhaps you might want to consider getting involved, not for the sake of the Army, but for the sake of the children, maybe even your own.

Typical! 30.Jul.2005 15:16


Typical America! As a salvationist in Britain, where the army began, we dont have any of this homophobic rubbish! Reading this is just terrible! The SA help people, they give to the poor, "heart to god, hand to man" and they also help for justice in the world. The army, in broitain is rergarded highly, for its charity and as a church. As for the comment about the way the army is, every church as a hierachy! Preist, Bishop, Arch Bishop and so forth, Catholics do to. The SA is organised as an army, it is meant to be soldiers of war between good and evil, and you DO NOT have to wear the uniform to be part of it. Clearly you do not understand the way the army is run, its just another name for vicar, captain, bishop, major and so forth and the head of the church being General. The amry over here has a stand that you can be gay in the army, you can be a gay soldier, but you cannot be a practising homosexual. Since, it is said in the bible, its wrong. Launch an attack on someting that does wrong for a change, not something that strves for the greater good!

He'll fight, and I'll fight. 05.Aug.2005 07:42


While women weep as they do now, I'll fight;
While little children go hungry, as they do now, I'll fight;
While men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I'll fight;
While there is a drunkard left,
While there is a poor lost girl upon the streets,
While there remains one dark soul without the light of God,
I'll fight - I'll fight to the very end.

Willaim Booth

The Salvation Army fights where there is injustice. "Gay Bashing" is injustice, I would think that Willam Booth would fight for that!

Some perspective 18.Jan.2006 13:34

Karma daretoeatapeach@poetic.com

I think the idea here is that people want to know what they're giving their money to. Yes, its a charity. But there are enough charities out there that folks can give their money to charities that support the things they believe in. The fact that the Salvation Army sought to keep their meetings with the administration a secret reveals that they knew they were deceiving those that have donated to them. They want to be a conservative organization but be funded like a non-partisan organization.

The Salvation Army has a history of activities and views that a left-leaning person would frown upon. This includes telling members who they can marry to mistreating and looking down on those they help. I'm sorry that I don't have sources for these things, that's what I'm on the web looking for right now.

I appreciate the comments from pro-Army folks, though I'm not convinced this is a charity I want to support.