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"Heroic" pro-Palestinian Terrorists Attack Civilians - 12 killed

Pro-Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli-owned resort in Kenya. Nine Kenyans and three Israelis murdered by homicide bombers, missiles narrowly miss chartered civilian airliner bound for Tel Aviv.
Yahoo news article Such heroic actions, attacking civilians thousands of miles from the disputed territories.
prove it yackawa 28.Nov.2002 19:32


If I say fuck sharon, i'm an anti-semite. If some plan to take that part of the world hostage, they would stage such an event. That said along with unsubstantiated allegations of preferences for a distant distant group that is getting fucked already, lead me to believe you are trying to make something bad, worse.

last I heard 30.Nov.2002 11:16


Last I heard they have no idea(proof) who did this attacks!
Now your not jumping to conclusions are you?
As a matter of fact I've yet to see proof of who commited 9\11. I truly hope you have jumped to conclusions on this either!? For me I've just been left with a lot of unanswered questions. That's the biggest concern for me ....unanswered ?'s... until then,for me the jury is still out. This is eerily simler to "the Jenin massacre(or non-massacre)........ a lot of unanswered ?'s
How about the (British citizen)UN worker that was 'accidently' shot by the Israeli military.... Why then did the Israeli military delay the ambulance to save the UN workers life? .......yet another unanswered ?'s

another thing 30.Nov.2002 11:41


Please don't use such distasteful satire on such a terribble incident. Here'e a clue for you....... Just because some U.S. citizens sympathize with innocent Palestenians, does not mean they agree with terrorism, or do not sympathize with innocent Israelis. There are innocent AND violent orienated people on both sides. Please if your going to disagree with certain people's opinion, please don't do it in such a short-sighted, and childish manner, please come up with well thought out, and educated remarks about the issue.
The same thing goes for this........ being against bombing Iraq with depleted uranium bombs, does not mean one is pro-Saddam. War/bombing breeds terror... violence breeds violence. If we are truly the "better people" should we not try to use non-violence?.. Yes innocent people will die with this method, but arn't a lot more people dying using our present method?....... Once again a lot of unanswered ?'s

Sure as hell wasn't the Mossad... 01.Dec.2002 11:28


This message was to counter the inevitable Dale Gribble-esque post that the Mossad was behind the bombings.

If you want to work for a Palestinian state, you must condemn all attacks on Israeli civilians.

You must also realize not all Israelis are Likudniks, however, increasing terror attacks on civilians could drive many into support for the mad general Ariel Sharon.

Establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza (and ONLY in those two areas) is a win-win situation for all people who want peace and justice. Unfortunately, Ariel Sharon gets political capital from a constant state of war. Islamicists (whether Palestinian or not) use Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as a bogeyman to raise money and support for their cause. (Although I see them continuing their call for the obliteration of Israel, even if Israel and the PA come to a peace treaty.)