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free school black panther and yippie history class nov 30th 7pm laughing horse

once again the panther yippie class meets the last saturday of the month. This month it happens to be november 30th which is of course the birthday of abbie hoffman the man with 3,500 pages of f.b.i. files. It is as always from 7-9 at laughing horse books 3652 se division st. 236-2893
This months lecture will be on the wonderfull world of angela davis. It will probably take up most of the class cause you can branch her and connect her to so many other things. Black panthers-communism-reagan-george jackson-jonathan jackson-the soledad brothers-f.b.i's most wanted aug 1970-johnny spain-A.I.M-the prison idustrial complex, and much much more like ATTICA. Everyone is welcome but there is no food and we do have a suggested reading list. All power to the people. Wait you can bring food if you want.

phone: phone: 503-236-2893