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Links & Information About U.S. Aid to Israel

In-Depth Analysis of the "Special Relationship"
Links & Information About U.S. Aid to Israel
Links & Information About U.S. Aid to Israel

Links & Information About U.S. Aid to Israel

(compiled by Robin Miller)

A. U.S. Aid to Israel

1. Organizations
2. Websites
3. Articles

B. In-Depth Analysis of the "Special Relationship"

1. Generally
2. American Arab Community
3. American Jewish Community
4. Christian Community Involvement
5. Congress
6. Israeli Lobby--Generally
7. Palestinian Representation
8. Public Opinion


A. U.S. Aid to Israel

1. Organizations

SUSTAIN: Stop U.S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now!

2. Websites

Palestine Monitor Fact Sheet on U.S. Aid to Israel

Reports from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

US Aid to Israel (The Times)

Arms Transfers to Israel: 1993 to Present (Federation of American Scientists)

U.S. Aid to Israel (resources collected by the Coalition for Justice in Israel/Palestine)

3. Articles

"U.S. Warns Israel against Future Arms Sales to China" (Aluf Benn; Ha'aretz; June 22, 2002)

"U.S. Aid to Israel Subsidizes a Potent Weapons Exporter" (Jim Krane; AP; June 20, 2002)

"US Foreign Aid to Israel" (MIFTAH; May 20, 2002)

"Aiding the War Effort" (Stephen Zunes and Joseph Yackley; AlterNet; May 10, 2002)

"U.S. Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq" (Jonathan Reingold; Common Dreams; May 9, 2002)

"U.S. Arms Transfers and Security Assistance to Israel " (William D. Hartung and Frida Berrigan; World Policy Institute; May 6, 2002)

"We Bought and Paid for Carnage of Palestinians" (Robert Jensen; Houston Chronicle; April 9, 2002)

"Amnesty International Calls for Suspension of US Weapons Transfers to Israel; Supply of Weapons for Suicide Bombings & Attacks on Settlers Must be Halted" (Amnesty International; April 9, 2002)

"The Invasion of Bethlehem and Our Tax Dollars at Work" (Nancy Stohlman; CounterPunch; April 5, 2002)

"Israeli Weapons Bear an Embarrassing Label: Made in USA" (Paul McGeough; Syndey Morning Herald; March 23, 2002)

"Stop American Billions for Israeli Bombs" (Alisa Solomon; Village Voice; December 26, 2001-January 1, 2002)

"U.S. Security Assistance to Israel" (Joseph Yackley; June 2001)

"US Aid to Israel--Tax Dollars Soaked in Blood" (Susan Abulhawa; Media Monitors Network; January 25, 2001)

"The Al Aqsa Intifida and Israel's Apartheid: The U.S. Military and Economic Role in the Violation of Palestinian Human Rights" (Report of the Delegation of the National Lawyers Guild to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel, January 2001)

"U.S. Tax Dollars at Work: Calculating Foreign Aid to Israel" (Shirl McArthur; 2001)

"US Aid to Israel: The Lifeblood of Occupation" (Matt Bowles; undated)

"U.S. Aid to Israel Now Exceeds $90 Billion" (Richard H. Curtiss; Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; September 1999)

"How America Keeps its Ally Armed to the Teeth" (Robert Fisk; The Independent; April 13, 1998)

"U.S. Aid to Israel: The Subject No One Mentions" (Richard Curtiss; The Link; volume 30, issue 4 (September-October 1997))

"U.S. Aid to Israel" (Mohamed Rabie; The Link; volume 22, issue 2 (May-June 1989))

"The U.S. Role in Israel's Arms Industry" (Bishara Bahbah; The Link; volume 20, issue 5 (December 1987))

"U.S. Aid to Israel" (Samir Abed-Rabbo and Mohamed El-Khawas; The Link; volume 16, issue 5 (December 1983))

B. Analysis of the "Special Relationship"

1. Generally

"Tax, Slaughter and Lies" (James Abourezk; Al-Ahram Weekly; June 20-29, 2002)

"American-Born Haters of U.S. and Israel Spring up on Campus" (Yair Sheleg; Ha'aretz; June 18, 2002)

"Harvard Senior's 'American Jihad' Draws Applause, Protest" (Patrick Healy; Boston Globe; June 7, 2002)

"At Harvard, Jousting Over 'Jihad': Student's Use of Word in Commencement Speech Draws Controversy" (Pamela Ferdinand; Washington Post; May 31, 2002)

"Why the U.S. Supports Israel" (Stephen Zunes; Foreign Policy in Focus; May 2002)

"Stuck in the Middle (East) with You" (Liz Spikol; Philadelphia Weekly; May?, 2002)

"Palestinian Play Sparks Concern" (Frank Rizzo; Hartford Courant; May 22, 2002)

"Confronting the Extremist Mainstream" (Steven Salaita; Yellow Times; May 22, 2002)

"On Campus, a Reflection of Middle East Anger" (William Booth; Washington Post; May 19, 2002)

"A Diverse Pro-Palestinian Movement Emerges on College Campuses" (Eric Hoover; The Chronicle of Higher Education; May 17, 2002)

"Chutzpah Versus Indecision" (Fawaz Turki; Arab News; May 16, 2002)

"Why Does John Malkovich Want to Kill Me?" (Robert Fisk; The Independent; May 14, 2002)

"U.S. Wants Probe in American Death" (AP; May 13, 2002)

"US Media Spin Out a New and Dangerous Culture" (Nadeem Khan; Arab News; May 11, 2002)

"More Equal than Others" (Gamil Mattar; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 9-15, 2002)

"For NW Conservatives, Why Is Mideast So Clear?" (Bruce Ramsey; Seattle Times; May 8, 2002)

"Ari Fleischer on Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians" (Ahmed Amr; Media Monitors Network; May 8, 2002)

"The New United States of Israel" (Sam Bahour; CounterPunch; May 8, 2002)

"The US Must See Mideast Arabs as Part of the Solution" (Larry Seaquist; Arab News; May 6, 2002)

"Media and the Political Power of Israel in the US" (Arab News; May 3, 2002)

"Bush Breaks With Right on Policy Toward Saudi Arabia" (Ronald Brownstein; Los Angeles Times; May 3, 2002)

"Black Voices Provide Balance to the Mideast Debate" (David A. Love; Progressive Media Project; May 2, 2002)

"Courting Washington: Pro-Israeli and Pro-Arab Groups Vie for Uncle Sam's Attention" (Leela Jacinto; ABCNews.com; April 25, 2002)

"Right Puts Pressure on Bush to Support Sharon" (Richard Beeston; The Times (London); April 23, 2002)

"Israel Winning Broad Support From U.S. Right" (Alison Mitchell; New York Times; April 21, 2002)

"Southern Comfort for Israel" (Gay Alcorn; Syndey Morning Times; April 20, 2002)

"Parallel Universes: Most of the World Sees Palestinians as the Victims, But in Israel and the US Events Are Given a Different Meaning" (Jonathan Freedland; The Guardian; April 17, 2002)
"Americans, Europeans Differ on Mideast Sympathies" (Mark Sappenfield; Christian Science Monito; April 15, 2002)

"Bush v. Sharon: The Sequel" (Scott McConnell; Antiwar.com; April 9, 2002)

"This Will Be the Week When We See Who Runs the US-Israeli Alliance" (Robert Fisk; The Independent; April 8, 2002)

"Israel and the U.S.: Petras Replies to His Critics" (James Petras; February 8, 2002)

"Israel and the U.S.: A Unique Relationship" (James Petra; January 23, 2002)
"The US & Israel" (Peter Grier; Christian Science Monitor; Oct. 26, 2001)

"The Source of Terrorism" (James J. David; Media Monitors Network; October 1, 2001)

"Who Is Ariel Sharon? The Rise of Israeli Anti-Americanism" (Justin Raimondo; Antiwar.com; Feb. 5, 2001)

"The State Department and Zionism, 1947-1945: A Reevaluation" (Lawrence Davidson; Middle East Policy; volume VII, number 1 (October 1999))

"Why Clinton Caved in to Israel" (Jonathan Broder; Salon.com; July 28, 1998)

"The Cost of Israel to the American People" (Richard Curtiss; Al-Hewar Center; May 1998)

"Fish or Cut Bait" (Jonathan Broder; Salon; April 1, 1998)

"I'll Hold My Nose With One Hand and Vote For Clinton With the Other" (James Abourezk; Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; August/September 1996)

"Islam and the National Interest" (Shaw Dallal; The Link;l; volume 26, issue 1 (January-March 1993))

"Let Us Rethink Our Special Relationship with Israel" (Charles Black; 1988)

"The Misguided Alliance" (Cheryl Rubenberg; The Link; volume 19, issue 4 (October-November 1986))

"The Palestine-Israel Conflict in the U.S. Courtroom" (Rex B. Wingerter; The Link; volume 18, issue 3 (September 1985))

"The Middle East on the U.S. Campus" (Naseer H. Aruri; The Link; volume 18, issue 2 (May-June 1985))

"The Middle East Lobbies" (Cheryl Rubenberg; The Link; volume 17, issue 1 (January-March 1984))

"U.S.-Israel Relations: A Reassessment" (Allan C. Kellum; The Link; volume 15, issue 5 (December 1982))

2. American Arab Community

"Tax, Slaughter and Lies" (James Abourezk; Al-Ahram Weekly; June 20-29, 2002)

"Arab Americans Learning to Lobby Congress" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab Times; May 16, 2002)

"While in US You Feel More Palestinian Than Ever" (Kinda Balkhair; Arab News; May 9, 2002)
"For Arab-Americans, Pain in Familiar Faces" (Elmaz Abinader; Arab News; May 2, 2002)

"American Muslims and U.S. Foreign Policy" (Middle East Policy Council; September 14, 1999)

"The Comic Book Arab" (Jack Shaheen; The Link; volume 24, issue 5 (November-December 1991))

"The Palestinians in America" (Elias H. Tuma; The Link; volume 14, issue 3 (July-August 1981))

"The Arab Stereotype on Television" (Jack G. Shaheen; The Link; volume 13, issue 2 (April-May 1980))

3. American Jewish Community

"Israelis Puzzling Over Anxieties Of American Jews" (Noga Tarnopolsky; Forward; June 7, 2002)

"Top Lawyer Urges Death For Families Of Bombers" (Ami Eden; Forward; June 7, 2002)

"Netanyahu's Power Grab Angers US Jews" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab News; May 23, 2002)

"U.S. Jews Critical of Israel Are Increasingly Vocal" (Nathan Guttman; Ha'aretz; May 21?, 2002)

"Crisis for American Jews" (Edward Said; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 16-22, 2002)

"US Jewish Group Accuses Muslims of Being Anti-Semitic" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab News; May 10, 2002)

"A Life-Changing Experience" (Adam Davis; Media Monitors Network; May 1, 2002)

"Violence in Mideast Galvanizes U.S. Jews" (Josh Getlin; Los Angeles Times; April; 28, 2002)

"American Jews Applaud Sharon's Military Action" (Richard Beeston; The Times (London); April 24, 2002)

"Unusually Unified in Solidarity With Israel, but Also Unusually Unnerved" (Jody Wilgoren; New York Times; April 22, 2002)

"Many American Jews Rally Around Sharon" (Ron Scherer; Christian Science Monitor; April 1, 2002)

"Extremism in Israel Is Fueled by a Growing Ultra-Orthodox Movement in the U.S." (Allan C. Brownfeld; WRMEA; Jan/Feb 2001)

"Relations Between Israel and the Organized American Jews" (Israel Shahak; Middle East Policy; volume II, number 3 (1993))

"American Jews and the Middle East: Fears, Frustration and Hope" (Allan Solomonow; The Link; volume 13, issue 3 (July-August 1980))

4. Christian Community Involvement

"Group Raising Millions to Launch a 'Christian AIPAC'" (Eli Kintisch; Forward; June 21, 2002)

"Beware the Ides of May--Part III" (Afnan Hussein Fatani; Arab News; June 13, 2002)

"Evangelical Christians and Jews Unite for Israel" (David Firestone; New York Times; June 9, 2002)

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" (Deanne Stillman; The Nation; May 31, 2002)

"Christians Hit Theological Rift on Mideast Policy" (G. Jeffrey MacDonald; Christian Science Monitor; May 14, 2002)

"Analysis: America's New Christian Zionists" (BBC; May 7, 2002)

"Christians Split Over Conflict in the Mideast" (Teresa Watanabe; Los Angeles Times; May 5, 2002)

"The Vatican, U.S. Catholics, and the Middle East" (George E. Irani; The Link; volume 19, issue 3 (August-September 1996))

5. Congress

"Black, Jewish Congressmen to Discuss Support for Israel Today" (Shlomo Shamir; Ha'aretz; June 20, 2002)

"Bush Proposal Likely to Meet Resistance: Palestinian State Plan Faces Doubts in Congress, with U.S. Pro-Israel Forces" (Ronald Brownstein; Baltimore Sun; June 21, 2002)

"GOP Leaders Wary of Bush's Mideast Plan Some Lawmakers Lobbying against Palestinian State" (Barbara Slavin and Kathy Kiely; USA Today; June 21, 2002)

"Lantos Calls for Probe of UNRWA" (Shlomo Shamir; Ha'aretz; May 22, 2002)

"Effort to Close PA's New York Office Moves Ahead (Melissa Radler; Jerusalem Post; May 16, 2002)

"Arab Americans Learning to Lobby Congress" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab Times; May 16, 2002)

"Congress Chooses The Jewish Political Establishment Over Truth, Justice And The 'Rule Of Law'" (BlackElectorate.com; May 15, 2002)

"Our Vichy Congress" ("George Sutherland" (pseud.); CounterPunch; May 10, 2002)

'Freedom, Democracy and Israel' (Thomas Gorgussian and Anayat Durrani; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 9-15, 2002)

"Palestine to Move to Dallas-Fort Worth: Dick Armey's Bold Plan" (Alexander Cockburn; CounterPunch; May 8, 2002)

"Why Capitol Hill Supports Israel" (Hady Amr; The Daily Star; May 8, 2002)

"Profiles of Courage: US Lawmakers Stand Up for Moral Justice in Middle East" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab News; May 7, 2002)

"Globalization of the American Democracy" (Hani Emam; Arab News; May 5, 2002)

"A Minority Voices Opposition to Pro-Israel Resolution" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab News; May 4, 2002)

"Senior Republican Calls on Israel to Expel West Bank Arabs" (Matthew Engel; The Guardian; May 4, 2002)

"House and Senate Support Israel in Strong Resolutions" (Alison Mitchell; New York Times; May 3, 2002)

"Stop the Middle-East Bias" (Congressman Ron Paul; May 2, 2002)

"Dick Armey Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians" (May 2, 2002)

"Confronting the Surreal Views of the U.S. Congress" (James Zogby; Media Monitors Network; April 30, 2002)

"Schumer Intervenes to Protect Israeli War Criminals (Ahmed Amr; Media Monitors Network; April 30, 2002)

"DeLay Delays Vote on Israel Resolution" (Alison Mitchell; New York Times; April 27, 2002)

"White House and DeLay at Odds" (Mike Allen and Juliet Eilperin; Washington Post; April 26, 2002)

"Don't Give up 1967 Lands, DeLay Tells Israel Lobby" (Barbara Slavin; USA Today; April 24, 2002)

"Lawmakers Reaffirm Israel Support" (John Files; New York Times; April 24, 2002)

"Ex-ambassador Calls Arafat Obstructionist; Clinton Envoy Fuels Criticism in Congress" (Edward Epstein; San Francisco Chronicle; April 23, 2002)

"Supporters Consider How to Increase Military Aid for Israel" (Dan Morgan; Washington Post; April 22, 2002)

"In Congress, Support of Israel at Peak Pitch" (Gail Russell Chaddock; Christian Science Monitor; April 19, 2002)

"Netenyahu Bashes Bush with his Senators (Ahmed Amr; Media Monitors Network; April 18, 2002)

"A Conversation to Remember: 'We Know the Israelis Run Your Congress" (Sherri Muzher; Media Monitors Network; April 18, 2002)

"Why Bush Dances to Sharon's Tune: Israel's Right-Wing Likud Party Dominates U.S. Mideast Policy through a Powerful Lobby in the American Congress" (Eric Margolis; Toronto Sun; April 14, 2002)

"Lawmakers Press Bush to Stand Up for Israel" (Janet Hook; Los Angeles Times; April 10, 2002)
"Retiring Sen. Jesse Helms Caved to Pro-Israel Lobby Halfway Through His Career" (Lucille Barnes; Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; March 2002)

"Jesse Helms Personified the Confluence of Mideast, Domestic American Politics" (Ian Williams; WRMEA; October 2001)

"Terrorist Attacks Harden Pro-Israeli Mood in Congress" (Shirl McArthur; WRMEA; Jan.-Feb. 2002)

"Congress Adjourns for Holidays After Passing Anti-Palestinian Foreign Aid Bill" (Shirl McArthur; WRMEA; March 2002)

"Nine Senators, 23 Representatives in 107th Congress 'Hall of Fame'" (Shirl McArthur; WRMEA; March 2002)

6. Israeli Lobby--Generally

Collected resources:

The Pro-Israel Lobby (resources collected by the Coalition for Justice in Israel/Palestine)

Pro-Israel/Pro-Arab Money (Center for Responsive Politics)

Other resources:

"The Israel Lobby" (Michale Massing; The Nation; June 10, 2002)

"The Israel Lobby" (Prospect; May 24, 2002)

"Israel Shows Its Muscle Dealing with Congress" (Susan Taylor Marton; St. Petersburg Times; May 12, 2002)

"Israel Lobby Still Rides High" (UPI; May 10, 2002)

"Friends till the End" (Anayat Durrani; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 2-8, 2002)

"Zionists behind war against Kingdom" (Ahmed Yousef; Arab News; May 1, 2002)

"Might or Right" (Marc Sandalow; San Francisco Chronicle; April 29, 2002)

"Sharon Reaches Out on Hotline from Hotspot" (Bronwen Maddox; The Times (London); April 24, 2002)

Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2000 Congressional Candidates

"The Shadow Government" (Jane Hunter; The Link; volume 20, issue 4 (October 1987))

"The Pro-Israeli Lobby" (Edward Herman; July 1994)

7. Palestinian Representation

"Effort to Close PA's New York Office Moves Ahead (Melissa Radler; Jerusalem Post; May 16, 2002)

"Might or Right" (Marc Sandalow; San Francisco Chronicle; April 29, 2002)

"Palestinians' Lone Hand in Washington" (Nora Boustany; Washington Post; April 19, 2002)

"PLO Loses Washington Premises, Cries Foul" (Reuters; April 11, 2002)

8. Public Opinion

"77% of Americans Support Bush's Call for Palestinian State" (Barbara Ferguson; Arab News; May 17, 2002)

"Shock of Sept. 11 Is Making Americans More Supportive of Israel, Polls Suggest" (Patrick Tyler; New York Times; May 13, 2002)

"Poll Shows Desire for Fairness in Mideast" (Bill Maxwell; St. Petersburg Times; May 12, 2002)

"Americans on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict" (University of Maryland, Program on International Policy Studies, May 8, 2002). Important poll results.

"New Poll Finds US Public 'Even-Handed' on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" (Program on International Policy Attitudes; May 8, 2002)

"American Folk Are Not Their Government" (Fawaz Turki; Arab News; May 2, 2002)

"Whiffs of Change" (James Zogby; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 2-8, 2002)

"Backing for Palestine State Increases in US" (ArabNes; April 24, 2002)

"Public Voices Doubts On U.S. Mideast Role (Richard Morin and Claudia Deane; Washington Post; April 23, 2002)

"Public Opinion and the Middle East" (Fouad Moughrabi; The Link; volume 20, issue 3 (September 1987))

Compare the international reaction to Israel's conduct:

"Boycotting US Goods: No Faltering Please" (Nourah Abdul Aziz Al-Khereiji; Arab News; June 22, 2002)

"If Israel Makes Peace Terrorism Will End, Mahathir Says" (Mark Baker; Syndey Morning Herald; June 21, 2002) (on Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad)

"America Keeps Doing Israel's Bidding" (Salim Hoss [former Prime Minister of Lebanon]; International Herald Tribune; June 21, 2002)

"Jewish Group Ticks off Tutu" (BBC; June 21, 2002)

"Turner's Terrorism Comments Criticized" (Howard Kurtz; Washington Post; June 19, 2002)

"Cherie Blair's Suicide Bomb Blunder" (Phillip Webster, David Charter and Michael Gove; The Times (London); June 19, 2002)

"Cherie Blair Apologises in Row over Suicide Killers Comment" (Paul Waugh; The Independent; June 19, 2002)

"UK's Straw Voices 'Compassion' for Suicide Bombers" (Ha'aretz; June 19, 2002)

"Raising the Standards" (Clare Dwyer Hogg; The Independent; June 18, 2002) (on pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli sympathies in Ireland)

"A Moral Campaign to End the Occupation" (Desmond Tutu; Jordan Times; June 18, 2002)

"Cherie Blair Forced to Apologise over Suicide Bombing Comments" (The Independent; Jon Smith and Rob Catherall; June 18, 2002)

"CNN Chief Accuses Israel of Terror" (Oliver Burkeman and Peter Beaumont; The Guardian; June 18, 2002)

"EU to Refute Claim of Aid Financing Palestinian Terror" (Ha'aretz; June 17, 2002)

"Saudi Official Defends Suicide Bombers" (Ewen MacAskill; The Guardian; June 15, 2002)

"Top German Liberal Reaffirms His Party's Support for Israel" (Adar Primor; Ha'aretz; June 15, 2002)

"Starbucks the Target of Arab Boycott for its Growing Links to Israel" (Robert Fisk; The Independent; June 14, 2002)

"Apartheid Deja Vu" (Miriam Mahlow; Al-Ahram Weekly; June 13-19, 2002) (on South African-Israeli relations)

"Canadian Parliamentarians Condemn Israel upon Return from Fact-Finding Mission" (Lina Badih; Arab News; June 11, 2002)

"Death Threat Sent to Wife of European Bank Chief" (Ian Black; The Guardian; June 1, 2002)

"Academics in War of Words over Calls to Boycott Israel" (Owen Bowcott; The Guardian; May 27, 2002)

"Solidarity Struggles on" (Amira Howeidy; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 23-29, 2002)

"Rally Protests at West Bank Action" (Jamie Wilson; The Guardian; May 20, 2002)

"'Serious' Anti-Israel Boycott Gains Global Momentum" (Tim Kennedy; Arab news; May 17, 2002)

"Jordanian King Warns Of Growing Arab Rage" (Alan Cooperman; Washington Post; May 13, 2002)

"Peoples' Boycott, a Legitimate Right, Effective Weapon" (Abdul Qader Tash; Arab News; May 11, 2002)

"Arab Anger Triggers Boycott of Starbucks and Pepsi" (Andrew Gumbel; The Independent; May 11, 2002)

"An Anti-American Boycott Is Growing in the Arab World" (Neil MacFarquhar; New York Times; May 10, 2002)

"Kingdom Vows to Carry on with Aid to Palestinians" (Arab News; May 9, 2002)

"Egypt Dismisses Sharon Proposal" (Heba Saleh ; BBC; May 8, 2002)

"US Boycott: Follow Your Head, Not Your Heart" ( Mohammed Al-Khereiji; Arab News; May 8, 2002)

"We Don't Need Your Help" (Reem Mohammed Al-Faisal; Arab News; May 7, 2002)

"Arab Citizens Seize Boycott Banner" (Nicholas Blanford; Christian Science Monitor; May 7, 2002)

"Angry EU Denies Claims that Funds Reached Bombers" (Stephen Castle; The Independent; May 7, 2002)

"Thousands Come to Support Israel" (BBC; May 6, 2002)

"EU Says 'Deplores' UN Decision to Cancel Jenin Probe" (Reuters; May 5, 2002)

"Press Blasts UN, US for Letting Israel Dictate Terms" (Arab News; May 3, 2002)

"The Many Faces of Solidarity" (Fatemah Farag; Al-Ahram Weekly; May 2-8, 2002)

"Anti-Israel Boycott of Cosmetic Brands Like Estee Lauder May Be Difficult to Stop" (Tim Kennedy; Arab News; May 2, 2002)

"Israel Rapidly Losing Friends in Germany" (Eric Geiger; San Francisco Chronicle; May 2, 2002)

"Attacks by Israel Are PR Disaster, Says Poll" (Anthony King; The Telegraph; May 1, 2002)

"Arab Boycott Campaign Worries US Business" (Lachlan Carmichael; Arab News; May 1, 2002)

"Now Norway Is Part of `the World Against Us'" (Yair Ettinger; Ha'aretz; April 26?, 2002)

"Mubarak Condemns 'Despicable Crimes' by Israel (Howard Schneider; Washington Post; April 25, 2002)

"Jewish Minister in South Africa Calls for Boycott on Israel" (Reuters; April 24?, 2002)

"More Britons Support Palestinians, Says Poll" (Alan Travis; The Guardian; April 24, 2002)

"Mubarak Denounces Israel" (David Bamford; BBC; April 24, 2002)

"Egypt's Mubarak Says Israel Uses 'State Terrorism' (Reuters; April 24, 2002)

"Patten Condemns 'Organised Ruin of Buildings'" (Michael Binyon; The Times (London); April 23, 2002)

"Aid Donors Say Israelis Should Pay" (Dan Ephron; Boston Globe; April 23, 2002)

"Jenin Rattles Prodi's Baby" (Ian Black; The Guardian; April 22, 2002)

"In Egypt, Sympathy for Palestinians Revives Hatred" (Michael Slackman; Los Angeles Times; April 22, 2002)

"Arab States Vent Rising Wrath" (Philip Smucker and Nicholas Blanford; Christian Science Monitor; April 22, 2002)

"Shots Fired as MSP Attempts to Enter Arafat HQ" (The Times (London); April 22, 2002)

"Global Anger at Israel Mounts" (Paul McGeough; Syndey Morning Herald; April 20, 2002)

"MP Accuses Sharon of 'Barbarism'" (Nicholas Watt; The Guardian; April 17, 2002)

"Americans, Europeans Differ on Mideast Sympathies" (Mark Sappenfield; Christian Science Monito; April 15, 2002)

"Tutu Calls US Soft on Israel" (Steven Wilmsen; Boston Globe; April 14, 2002)

"Occupation is Oppression" (Desmond Tutu; April 13, 2002)

"Secret UK Ban on Weapons for Israel" (The Guardian; April 13, 2002)

" You Won't Break Them: A Leading South African Writer's Passionate Open Letter to Ariel Sharon" (Breyten Breytenbach; The Guardian; April 13, 2002)

"Israel Faces Global Wrath" (Ewen MacAskill; The Guardian; April 11, 2002)

"Protests Continue around the World" (The Guardian; April 11, 2002)

"Irish UN Envoy Says International Humanitarian Law Must Be Upheld" (Deaglán de Bréadún; Irish Times; April 10, 2002)

"Pope Sees 'Intolerable' Violence" (Melinda Henneberger; New York Times; April 9, 2002)

"Cypriot MPs Barred from Entering Israel" (AP: April 7, 2002)

"Israeli Soldiers Remove Canadian MP from Checkpoint" (CBC; April 6, 2002)

"Anti-Nazi Veteran Not Allowed to Enter Ramallah" (Michael Jansen; Irish Times; April 5, 2002)

"Pope Accuses Israel of Humiliating Palestinians" (Stephen Farrell and Richard Owen; The Times (London); April 4, 2002)

"Excerpt: Declaration of Conscience on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by South Africans of Jewish Descent" (Middle East Policy; volume IX, number 1 (March 2002))

homepage: homepage: http://www.sustaincampaign.org/links_usaid2israel.html/