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Compost Bin 11/27

Composted Articles:

To Extremist Feminist Emma Goldwoman: 20 *Real* Interview Questions to Answer...
dualities and gender issues 28.Nov.2002 02:51


you did rite; the compost bin is a place of honour I warmly recommend it .. . . and a laugh can be had from faithful repro with a twist on it the portland nolowgo in this case.

actually 28.Nov.2002 03:10


could you use a google cache to reach for the prize? That way my site don't jam/flood so quickly

This is compost? 28.Nov.2002 06:03

I wanna dance with Emma

I thought the compost bin was reserved for spam from right-wing trolls. Why was this composted?

I wrote it 28.Nov.2002 09:30


I wrote this article and am shocked and saddened that it got composted. I spent hours writing this "original material" (the 20 questions), not to mention the original Portland IMC logo parody.

I guess when you write original material that bashes men you get front page feature, but if you write original material to defend yourself against feminists you get composted. Double standard?

Could it be the questions hit too hard? Can Portland IMC not stand a little "culture jamming" back at them? Why was this composted? Hopefully Portland Indymedia editorial will set things right...

men need *defending?!* 28.Nov.2002 13:31

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Why do men need defending? Because some guy got his ego bruised? Poor widdew guy. Buck up! At least THE REST OF SOCIETY brutally defends you against those *oppressive* wimmins! What with all their *fearsome power.*

Some men can take a "bashing" because we don't all identify with typical measures of manliness. I'm not perfect, no one is, but I don't feel threatened when a woman wants to reason out WHY so many men act the way they do. Emma makes some excellent points. Deal with it.

Don't be a maroooooon, "anonymous."

i agree it should be UNcomposted 28.Nov.2002 13:50

Another indymedia volunteer

I agree that it shouldn't've been composted. the question of uncomposting it has been put before other indymedia volunteers for discussion. expect action one way or another sometime today.

Gringo's got it 28.Nov.2002 22:50

another kinda star

I don't agree with everything Gringo Stars submits to this website, and sometimes don't like his tone or choice of words, but he's absolutely right here.

The author of the so-called interview questions just babbled and insulted and didn't have anything useful to say.

BTW, "feminazi" is a right-wing Limbaugh type word. That choice right there tells us what kind of place the author is coming from: close-mindedness.

Take your toys and go home, "anonymous".

Good job, editors 28.Nov.2002 23:27


You put this post right where it belongs. If someone talking like he does crashed your potluck or came to a meeting, you'd kick 'em out or at least not let 'em come back. Why should Portland IMC let in the jerks? They've got corporate media for that.

reply to the stars 29.Nov.2002 16:32


I don't intend any disrespect, but I'm wondering if either of you read the article in question. I only ask because, having read it myself, I found it to be far from a rambling misogynist diatribe. The use of the epithet "feminazi" is questionable, I agree, but nonetheless I found several issues raised in this article to be important and deserving of consideration by anyone interested in ending oppression of any kind. If you haven't read it, I would recommend you do.

Gringo, if we're not allowed to raise questions when we're attacked, (and emma's articles are attacks upon men as a group) then we're simply perpetuating the assumptions which have always been the engines of oppression in the first place.

"BTW, 'feminazi' is a right-wing Limbaugh type word. That choice right there tells us what kind of place the author is coming from: close-mindedness."

I hope the irony of the above comment is appreciated by everyone readng it.