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What's next for CRITICAL MASS?

As both a protest against car culture, and a celebration of the bicycle, critical mass has become a mainstay of "radicals" across the globe, some are asking whats next?
What's next for CRITICAL MASS?
What's next for CRITICAL MASS?
pic 27.Nov.2002 23:33

michael b


oh you wanna know? 28.Nov.2002 10:00


do you want to know whats next, some mother fucker bought a godamn permit for critical mass, this issue was never raised before, and now some complacent asshole fueled the oil war so he could have a police escort on critical mass. if CM hadn't been transformed into the most innefectual boring event in the last months, now we can lookk forward to this kind of liberal nonsense from now on....

the moment i left my mothers womb i was free
fuck the portland pd
and fuck the permit