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Want to find out about the no down-payment housing collective
I was at the Cooperative gathering at Britenbush a couple months back. A guy named Bill Bradley was talking about how he arranged a no money down purchase of an apartment building. he said he was an expert at it.

I would like to find out more about his method of mortgage arrangements, etc. Does anyone have any info about this or contact for Bill?

Sam Powell
San Francisco
I think he's a wobbly 28.Nov.2002 00:30


you could try the IWW

Bradley was kicked out of the IWW. 29.Nov.2002 06:10

Frank Little

Bradley was kicked out of the IWW.

Yes yes yes 29.Nov.2002 13:40


Yeah that was an owner finacing deal. It fell through at the last moment in negotiations with the owner. We were bidding for the building against some rich assholes who had enough cash to buy the building outright. The thing that we were and are still trying to do is get an owner of a building to finace 30% or so of a building. A bank conciders that a down payment, making finacing property with out much money possible. We've got other ideas as well and a little money, are still looking but have no property at the moment. None of us are really experts at this but we have been learning a lot. Best of luck.