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Day of action on the 20th in Portland for Argentina?

At the 20th of dezember it's one year that the uprising of the argentinian
population began. This rebellion goes on untill now and it developed to a
movement, that creates alternatives of self government. On the occasion of
this day, the movements in Argentina mobilize to big protests and call the
global movements from Chiapas to Seattle and Genova to a global day of
social disobedience.

Are folks interested in doing something here in Portland?
global social disobedience on 20th dec 2002

( call to action:  http://argentina.indymedia.org/news/2002/10/53770.php )

The call was heard and the social movements worldwide will answer on the
20th of december. The preperations continue and networks surge...

Here a little overview of different countries. The list is (of course) not
complete and is made of news and informations out of the different

Here in Belgium we had another meeting to prepare D20-D21 and we decided to
focus mainly on banks with a kind of "permanent image guerrilla". On the
folowing ideas we're working for the moment with different action groups out
of the main cities in Flandres en Brussel:
-D20: videoprojection of the Argentinean uprising on the facade of an
important bank in Gent at a square full of headquarters of bank, with images
of middle class people trashing banks (maybe we will try to invite financial
analysts with a litte lie), with soup kitchen and music
-D20-D21: image guerrilla on cashpoints in the neaberhood of the most
important shopping street: on permanently presented posters there will be
the image of a cashpoint with on one side someone who is taking money out of
the automat and on the other side an image of the destruction caused by
profit seeking investments and speculation.
-D20-21: parade through the shopping street

Friday 20 December
In Solidarity with the everyday acts of disobedience, a call-out for actions
and individual acts of defiance against those institutions which enforce
Saturday 21 December
Chaotic mass proletarian shopping action on Oxford Street. Dress as Santa,
steal from the rich & give presents to the kids, Just nick it...
for further details & to download our leaflet in pdf format, check out
2 other d20 related events in the UK:
1) The other cinema ( ex metro cinema) an independent cinema in central
London are up for a day of films and discussion about Argentinas rebellion
on Sunday afternoon the 22nd Dec.. should be a great event, its organised
by a guy who managed to get several hundred people to watch and discuss the
whole of the Gusman trilogy of films about Chile ( famous battle of chile
film being one of them) over a sunday afternoon on sept 11th this year, the
anniversary of the chile coup. (If any one has films they think should be
show contact Gareth Evans < gareth@drifting.demon.co.uk> )
2) The Guradian colour magazine on Saturday are going to run a 6000 word
cover feature on the rebellion the weekend before D20, written by Naomi
Klein and John Jordan with lots of pictures by Argentina IMC etc...

We are a group from Switzerland. Our actions for the 20./21. December take
part in Berne. In the afternoon of the 20. we have a reclaim the shops, in
the evening we want to show a film about Argentina, and on the 21. we will
have an RTS against the Christmas Consum.

some people who come from the dinners discussing about the next YOMANGO
action over here in 20 and 21th of december (we continue making the YOMANGO
dinners -the menu is cooked with stolen products- every two weeks. Eveytime
more and more people are enjoying them, lastone more than 70 persons.) The
idea of YOAMNGO-TANGO is growing and growing. By the moment some people is
already investigating some places -commercial centers- where we could do the
action, other people is making the graphic part of it, others are making the
contacts with the medias, other group will care about the "security" of the
action (stoping the police if they come, etc)
In these moment we think we will make the action during the two days, two
strikes!: first day we will go to dance and steal food in a big
coorporate-supermarket, then the second day we will make a dinner with all
those stolen products inside of a bank -a BBVV bank which is one the most
responsable of the argentinean ecinomic crisis-. -in some weeks we will make
the first weekend workshop mixing a clasical civil dessobedence workshop and
dinamics with TANGO dance, "how to use the TANGO moves for to steal things
in coorporations"

Regarding actions here, as I told you, huge demonstrations are expected. My
own Asamblea is organising a coalition for an "Urban Piquete" for the 19th,
consisting in the blockade of the central stock market and the buildings of
all the big banks and corporations in the city center. The idea is to stop
big business and financial economy for one day.

With Intergalactika Buenos Aires and ATTAC, we are producing a video to
screen on the street that day. We want to show the many effects that the
Argentinean rebellion had in other parts of the world. Common Argentineans
are still completely unaware of all the actions inspired in the cacerolazos
and the piquetes that happened around the world. They are also unaware of
the extent to which the new political experiences that we are exploring have
inspired activists in many other countries.
So our idea is to expand global consciousness here, by showing how something
we did linked with struggles in different parts of the world. The
documentary will combine images of actions for Argentina in Canada, USA,
Europe, and other Latin American countries, with interviews with local and
international activists speaking about that. We are planning to hire a huge
movile screen to sceen it during the big demonstrations that are expected in
Buenos Aires the 20th of december.
After that, we will organise a "tour" of smaller screenings in all the
places we can.

think of actions and start resisting...

homepage: homepage: http://argentina.indymedia.org/news/2002/10/53770.php

try organizing 28.Nov.2002 08:47

lucy p.

sorry to rant, but this is so typical of indymedia posts. "think of actions and start resisting"??? once upon a time, when folks had an idea for an action, they'd talk with organizations that they were part of, go to demonstrations, or whatever, and actually organize a meeting. you know, face-to-face interaction. it involves some effort - finding a meting space and spreading the word - but it's so much more admirable than just posting your fantastic idea on indymedia and then being disappointed when no one else does what you suggest.

Organizations 28.Nov.2002 15:22

that's like &quot;voting&quot;

Yeah, organizations will solve everything. Join one, go to one, contribute to one. U know, or u could think for yourself and act on your own.

Don't get me wrong, it's great to work with others to accomplish a goal. But it's also great to just think and act on your own. I get really tired of the kind of criticism embodied in lucy's comment. It's not very productive, and it gives way too much credit to organizations that aren't nearly as effective as they like to imagine themselves.