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22 American Cities Have Passed Anti-War Resolutions

To date, 22 American cities have passed Anti Iraq War Resolutions.
Cities that have passed Anti Iraq War Resolutions (so far)

Detroit, MI
Traverse City, MI
Washington, DC
Sebastopol, CA
Berkeley, CA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Ithaca, NY
New Haven, CT
Oakland, CA
Takoma Park, MD
Carrboro, NC
Haines Township, PA
Kalamazoo, MI
Seattle, WA
Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Danby, NY
Madison, WI
Santa Barbara, CA
Arcata, CA
Burlington, VT

Baltimore, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
probably occurred after article dateline 27.Nov.2002 21:16

glen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

i think i understood from NPR (though could have been BBC or Deusche Welle - I listen to news regularly on both via cable modem) that Eugene Oregon has joind the list of cities) that Eugene OR had joined 'already passed" list.

For the record:



reception okay with 56k; a little dicey 28k or less

Does anybody know why Portland OR is not yet in the "pending list?"

eugene passed anti-USA PATRIOT Act resolution 27.Nov.2002 22:11

former resident

The Eugene City Council passed a resolution against the USA PATRIOT Act, not against the war in Iraq.

See story:

Why isn't Portland pending? I guess no one's tried to do it yet. Any takers?

Explain "resolution" to me please 28.Nov.2002 20:56

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

What am I missing here? I am VERY much against both the stupid oil war in Iraq and the USA PATRIOT act, but... why resolutions? What will a resolution do? Is this just saying "We who are powerless disagree and we beg you to reconsider." ?

Is this all that can be done? All deciding in unison that we don't like what's being done? Or is it the starting point to some long, winding avenue of real change? I don't get it. What will a resolution do, precisely?

not much, but... 29.Nov.2002 08:57

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

Gringo, check out this link about the resolution;


From what I've read, the resolution doesn't carry any legal weight but the city also decided that they would not participate in any way possible (legal) - so yeah, it's not going to do anything. However, if enough cities pass similar resolutions... we may have a chance of getting rid of the USAPA. Now, if the Bush administration and spy agencies even really need a resolution.. that's another story.. but it doesn't seem to be completely in vain - it's good press too - helps to educate the masses.

It helps to keep dissent unthreatening 29.Nov.2002 12:06

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Resolutions siphon dissenting energy away from real, effective change and towards typical balloteering and petitioning and other legal means, black holes of hope and energy that could be spent doing something real instead of symbolic or propagandic. It's good they did it, I am just saddened that bureaucracies are like they are.