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Pepto Clowns will be passing out tapes on buy nothing day

To celebrate Buy nothing day the Pepto Dizmal clowns will be handing out sweatshop music
Ever hear of SCRAP?well they have lots of stuff and us clowns got hold of a lot of tapes that were gonna get dumpstered and instead were handed over to SCRAP who then handed them over to us.We recorded some tunes on the tapes reclaiming them and after wraping them up in a cute lil bow will be handing them out.
If you wana hear the song "Nothin for xmas" look up Pepto Dizmal on mp3.com

Where? 27.Nov.2002 11:50

Calvin dr_calvin@hotmail.com



. 27.Nov.2002 12:13


Yeh, where!