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Cops Beating Andy McCrae?

Andy McCrae is arraigned with a bandage on his head that the police aren't explaining.
"McCrae was ordered held without bail after saying nothing during his arraignment by video hookup from the Merrimack County Jail. He had a bandage on his head and a blanket draped over his bare shoulders during the hearing.

Police said there had been a dispute over jail clothing, but did not explain the bandage. Defense attorney Mark Sisti said McCrae had been injured, but gave no details."


A link to an image of McCrae with the bandage:
Duh 27.Nov.2002 12:00

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

When you kill a piggy, they beat the fuck out of you, that is if they don't kill you while "resisting arrest." Pigs are essentially soldiers, and act like it. They are not the smartest kids - there are only one, maybe two "brains" in any given pig-pen, and they are usually detectives, not the chief. The piggies are a military force in every way. McCrae will be brutalised and fed fouled food every day he is in custody.

Thanks for the links, greenman.

the picture 27.Nov.2002 12:28


the picture
the picture