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Was David Mobilio a Suicide?

Davids pysiognomy suggests a depressive,for such a young man he seems to have fallen into the endomorph spectrum,combined with the poor traditional police diet of donuts and twinkies...
...well I am,like Dr Phill,not an expert but when someone looks this bad,feels this bad and acts so sad...Why was he down? I hear you say.
Well if you were reading reports suggesting pedophilia was rampant in your church's schools and even in various police forces around the world,and then it was pointed out to you that handcuffing small children was suspect behavior,well...Suicide is painless,it does bring on many changes.

Apart from all the above factors predisposing David toward putting himself out of his obvious misery,there are the unsolved spate of serial and mass slayings in the Sacramento area.Even if David Mobilio was not a prime suspect in at least one of these suspicious killing spree's.Even then,wouldn't he be depressed,like all uncorrupt police,at the clear up rate and his IMPOTENCE at being able to protect the community?
Wouldn't you be?

Then there is the greenhouse mass extinctions widely predicted with associated bushfire danger.If that doesn't make any sane person pull their hair out,pig out on junk food,take mafia bribes and finally suck on a cool muzzle,I don't know what would.

Being tortured slowly to death in a concentration camp might but they don't have government issue pistols there.My Institute is doing follow up studies on this important contemporary crisis and in conjuction with Geraldo will offer free counseling for bereaved wives of deceased LEO's.
The latest thinking on PTS syndrome is distraction is good,hedonism,travel and lots of hot sex,anything to keep your mind off and I remain available to serve and protect.

All monies received by my Institute go toward the families of those left behind.Please give generously.Psychic phone and e-mail contact is available by appointment.We channel only the finest mediums for your loved one.(s)and their pets.

Sadder still pr send sympathies and greetings from the far side...Ramtha says the native's of Arawak,Tahiti and indigenous California lived an Idyllic existence.That such beautiful,almost utopian societies should be destroyed almost totally is profoundly depressing to a sensitive police officer or even a normal person.
Enough to suck on a gun barrel for?
proffr Ramtha says SURE!
What say you?

1868 -- Ignoring orders to kill only warriors, a U.S.
Army contingent led by Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader General Custer massacres 103 sleeping
Cheyenne ?? including Black Kettle, a survivor of the
Sand Creek Massacre ?? in the so-called "Battle
of the Washita,"

It couldn't be...Rumsfeld's Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG): Its mission statement sets the goal to " ... carry out secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts..." could it?

So full of shit 27.Nov.2002 11:29

No-Doz Bukowski

As if there were any need to point this out, there has been no indication that Mobilio was a child molester, a murder suspect, a depressive, or a suicide.

Let's work on finding out the facts instead of blowing smoke.

5000. - N.