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what happened to the story about the Kroeker protest ?

The continual disfunction of this site is raising a few eyebrows, and not just mine.
I'll make this brief. A lot of articles and comments, including ones that I, and others, have written have been disappearing lately. PDX Indymedia editors routinely claim that this is due to poor equipment or software. IF this is true, and I suspect that it is not, given PDX Indymedia's relatively new pro-censorship, admitedly biased stance, but I'll try to give those good-natured volunteers the benefit of the doubt here...what can be done about this ? Just what kind of antiquated equipment is this show running on anyway ? Surely you could put something better together. One, and only one, of my Linux boxes was built out of the damn trash, years ago...

Would someone in a position of power here please address this ?
you are in a position of power 27.Nov.2002 00:34


feel free to help

you're on 27.Nov.2002 00:37

your own

donations/help requested:  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=35804&group=webcast

plus, i'd like to invite you to take a look at other imc's and comment on the relative censorship compared to pdx imc.

late. cranky. going to bed.

yes, the glitches are a major hassle 27.Nov.2002 00:48

someone in a position of information

and they really are glitches. as someone who helps edit this site and who also posts to it quite frequently, i can tell you that i am also pretty frustrated with the problems the database is having. today i found about a dozen articles with "no story to tell" and fixed them all. i've also seen posts "go hidden" on their own about 3 times in the last month, even though no one hid them. in the last few days i've posted comments that have never appeared (and have heard from a couple others who have had the same problem). what i do with long commets or posts is save them in a word processor and then try to post them. that way if there's a mix-up i can try again. yes, it sucks, and yes, folks are working on it. the timeline is still indeterminate but hopefully there'll be changes to improve things vastly sometime soon. for security reasons, it's no good to discuss exactly what is going to happen and how (and exactly when) because there are people who read this site who would attempt to sabotage things if they had that much information.

so please just trust that No, portland indymedia people are not capriciously deleting or hiding posts, are not responsible for making the "no story to tell error" happen (and have no idea *how* to make it happen), and are not censoring posts about UFOs, the Bohemian Club, or struggles within our community for justice under the police state. the kroeker story has been restored. don't know what happened there.

there's a post below that explains how you can help:

old junkie boxes could be the problem 27.Nov.2002 01:08

IMC vol

Actually old junkie boxes might be a problem.
Much as I hate to get new equipement that might be what it will take this time.

Check out that afore-mentioned article just posted
for way to help and give me an email (for the pick-up coordinator)

We are all empowered.
If you want to coordinate your IMC activities with others there are meetings as well.

Tis Frustrating 27.Nov.2002 07:34


I also do not believe these problems are intentional, just technical. I also have experienced the frustration of writing a response, only to find that it never got posted. Also, the posting time is excessive. I have to minimize it and go back in order to read other Indymedia articles. I know you people work hard for little in return.