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Northcoast CA Forest Update - 11/26/02

1 -- Judge exempts PL logging plans from stop order; contempt hearing still on
2 -- Hunger strike continues--call the Governor!
3 -- Tree sits in "Demonstration Forest"
4 -- 6 month anniversary rally for tree-sitter Wren on Dec. 8
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
November 26, 2002

1 -- Judge exempts PL logging plans from stop order; contempt hearing still on
2 -- Hunger strike continues--call the Governor!
3 -- Tree sits in "Demonstration Forest"
4 -- 6 month anniversary rally for tree-sitter Wren on Dec. 8


In a ruling that seemed to contradict his earlier statements, Judge John Golden acted on a motion filed by Pacific Lumber in October asking him to vacate the court-ordered stay on PL logging operations issued on Aug. 29. PL has ignored that stay, and because of that, is facing a contempt of court criminal arraignment on Dec. 9. Today, Golden denied PL's request to vacate the stay, but at the same time, exempted all approved and under-review timber harvest plans (thp). The stay on operations relates to a case challenging the PL Habitat Conservation Plan/Sustained Yield Plan (HCP/SYP) that was part of the Headwaters deal in 1999. Golden has stated earlier that he intended his stay to apply to ALL thp's on PL land permitted under the HCP, SYP and incidental take permits, (which, under the mis-named Habitat Conservation Plan is a license to kill endangered species), and a "streambed alteration" agreement that applies to their 210,000 acres of land. For reasons perhaps only he knows, Golden explained that he felt the exemptions are justified on economic hardship grounds, but failed to accept the argument showing harm to wildlife and wildlife habitat. More news will follow on the Dec. 9 hearing on contempt of court charges.


Demand That Governor Davis Keep his Promise to Protect Old-Growth Trees

Julia Butterfly Hill, singer songwriter Melissa Crabtree and others joined hunger striker Susan Moloney on her 50th day without food (Monday Nov. 25) in Sacramento.

Moloney, Director of the Campaign for Old Growth, began a hunger strike on
October 7th to remind Governor Davis that he has failed to keep his
promise to protect California's heritage of old-growth trees.

In a March 1998 address to the Planning and Conservation League,
gubernatorial candidate Gray Davis pledged to ensure that, "wetlands
are preserved, rivers are clean and all old-growth trees are
spared from the lumberjack's ax." Despite Davis's promise, the
cutting of old-growth trees in California continues unabated with
the active cooperation of the Davis administration.

The Governor has sent his spokespersons out to first falsely claim
that he has kept his promise and, now to falsely claim that he never
made the promise. It must be realized that this is not a promise
delayed but a promise broken.

Please call the Governor from Monday to Wednesday this week and tell
him that you expect him to save California's heritage of old-growth

Governor Gray Davis: 916/445-2841 FAX 916/445-4633


Activists who climbed trees a week ago in response to logging of PL E stands, which are occupied murrelet habitat, remain in action, despite harassment and violence from contract workers from Lewis Logging and lack of action from the Sheriff's Dept. to loggers carrying out law enforcement activities, such as removal of tree-sitters. For more info, call Northcoast Earth First! at 707-825-6598.

POSTERS ADDED NOTE: As of 11/26/02, the two sitters removed from the PL demonstration forest treesit action on 11/16/02, remain in jail. The DA filed additional charges on 11/25/02. The charges are misdemeanors(both activist face a total of 14 counts in total, centered around trespass, resisting arrest, indecent exposure, assault, etc...) from the demo forest incident and an arrest on 11/05/02 in the Freshwater demo. They remain strong in spirit, but there release date is unknown. They have not waived time, but face two trials each while they remain incarcerated.


Wren, who has been sitting in a giant redwood named Eversteen for over six
months, is about to mark her 200th day without touching ground. To that
end there will be a winter protection ceremony and rally to honor Wren and
all the Freshwater Tree Sitters on Sunday, December 8 at 12 noon. To get
there take the Indianola Cuttoff on Hwy 101 just northeast of Eureka.
Turn right or west onto Myrtle Ave.. Turn left onto Freshwater Rd. and park
in the lot immediately just opposite the 3 Corners Market. A shuttle will
take you the remaining 1.8 miles up Greenwood Hts. Rd. to the tree sits and
ceremony. Let's rally and pray for these brave women and men who are
protecting our Mother Earth. Call 923-4949 or the BACH office, 510-548-3113 for more information.

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)
Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702
phone: 510 548 3113
email:  bach@igc.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.HeadwatersPreserve.org