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SHUT DOWN HLS. Get Media Out for December 1!

Instead of punishing the puppy-killers this week by means of phone, email, fax, and physical demonstrations - we are instead encouraging you to help us get the word out to local media outlets about the plight of the animals inside of HLS, and what we are all going to do to stop it next weekend.
SHUT DOWN HLS.  Get Media Out for December 1!
SHUT DOWN HLS. Get Media Out for December 1!

Listed below is the contact information for the press, TV, Wire, and Weeklies that urgent reminders about the schedule of events, the contact information, and the newsworthiness of the cause and the events.

HLS hates media attention as it always references their financial crisis, shoddy record for research, animal cruelty exposes, and how damaged they are by our relentless and effective activism.

All it takes is a couple minutes!

And have a happy vegan Thanksgiving from all of us at SHACUSA!

Sample Letter: (notice how it is very concise and polite - they like this.) Although please write your own if you can.
Star Ledger
Attn: Matt Riley

Dear Mr. Riley,

Hundreds of screaming protestors, nationally renowned civil rights and animal rights speakers, and horribly grisly video footage of animal cruelty will be the centerpiece to New Jersey's Thanksgiving weekend.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, the controversial and highly effective animal protection organization, has organized a National Demonstration for December 1st in East Millstone New Jersey (on Mettlers Rd. at 11AM) The protest is against Huntingdon Life Sciences, the notorious animal-testing lab, and that is celebrating its 50th birthday that day. In that 50 years over 9 million animals including dogs, monkeys, cats, rabbits, birds, and mice have died for caramel food coloring, weedkillers, and coffee sweeteners.

SHAC has organized the following list of activities that the press is fully welcome at.

  • November 30th: 6PM - 9:30PM, Clarion Hotel, 2055 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817
    An Evening of Speakers including, Bobby Seale (60s radical and founder of the Black Panther Party), Rod Coronado (a convicted Animal Liberation Front activist), Brenda Shoss (President of one the most effective letter writing services for animal protection) and a surprise guest speaker! The speakers are to address what it means to be an activist.

  • December 1st: 11AM - Colonial Park, Pine Grove Picnic Area, Mettlers Road, East Millstone NJ 08875 National Demonstration Against HLS Hundreds of protestors from every part of the country will show up to let HLS have it. Strong visuals will be on hand. National Animal Protection leaders will address the rally. Publicity stunts are likely.
Please visit www.december1.net or www.shacamerica.net for more information.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!




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