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Don Mobilio,a Child Molestor?

The Modus Operandi of slain police officer,Dan Mobilio fits that of established pedophiles and even one notorious serial killer.
>>>...Mobilio, a four-year veteran and D.A.R.E. officer, spent one afternoon a week with a class of sixth-graders at Sacred Heart Parish School. Those children Wednesday talked about the shooting and remembered an officer who kept a sense of humor while delivering a serious anti-drug message.

Each visit, Mobilio would spice up the lesson by slapping handcuffs on one or two of the children and letting them try to wriggle free...<<<

For a reminder of the recent spate of church child molestation cases...


A Qld police officer who gave these little lectures was convicted and jailed for sexual intercourse with minors.
The handcuff trick was one used by the clown killer,John Wayne Gacy,one of the most prolific serial killers in the world.I am not making any accusation's here,just doing what the police themselves do,every day when seeking motive.
There appears no speculation yet that the 'hit' was a sanctioned covert op to excuse supression of the first ammendment.
Alternative justice system information is available on request from the author who is an entertainment journalist with an interest in distributed law enforcement and community self defense.pr.
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I do apologize for the spelling error,its DAVE,not Don,I must have confused the police with the mafia somehow:)