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Mayber this doesn't need to be pointed out, but...

As more sources report on the Red Bluff/indymedia/McRae incident, it seems clear that, at least in the eyes of anynoe who gets their info from commercial media, a police officer has just been killed by an individual who has explained his actions as an expression of radically oriented anti-corporate ideas, which bear a certain similarity to those of many in the leftist/activist community.

It's important to avoid generalizations, but it should also be pointed out law enforcement agents tend to have a strong sense of group identity and react strongly to perceived attacks on the group. Given that this incident involves an attack on this group by an individual who might be perceived as associable with a category of persons toward whom police in this city are already somewhat hostile, consideration of these circumstances needs to happen with regard to leftist/activist activities.

If the cops show up to demos/rallies, etc. it would be inadvisable not to observe their activities with a heightened attentiveness. Hopefully no one needs this pointed out to them, but leaving people behind who are being arrested or otherwise fucked with provides an opportunity for anyone in the police ranks who might be thinking of ways to seek retribution. Support for one another and scrutiny of police behavior are as important as ever.

Covert Op? 26.Nov.2002 21:39


The CIA manual calls for martyr creation by assassination.


CoinTelpro calls for the creation and extermination of enemies of the state,broadly defined.It's back in a big way,maybe not in this case but the FReepers are joining the dots...


It's not paranoia if they are out to get you.