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There Was Never Anything Wrong With Being a Communist,

Communism is at the very heart of being human which fits the model that nature has hard wired us with, tribalism.
There Was Never Anything Wrong With Being a Communist,

Lloyd Hart

Communism is at the very heart of being human which fits the model that nature has hard wired us with, tribalism. A collective assurance that no individual should go without food and shelter and an outlet for their creativity in our tribe. How can you argue against this. It is only human to have compassion for your fellow human. So where does the fear that communism will some how steal your individualism and become a totalitarian construct. Well, quite simply it comes from those who claimed to be communists but were quite the opposite. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and many others. These people were in actuality, state capitalists not communists. For there to be communism there must be democracy in every enterprise no matter how big or small. The people making the decision on the grassroots as to what would be done with local resources and labor.

Just as George Bush claims to be for freedom and democracy, he is taking freedom and democracy away from us with every breath he takes. And this is where it comes to a point. Feudalism is in direct conflict with communism, freedom and democracy. Communism is freedom and democracy and Hitler, Bush, Lenin, Stalin and Mao are the feudalism that would do away with communism, freedom and democracy as they did and are doing. The idea of "If you want to eat you must sit close to the master's table" is still law of the land as the feudal lords are still very willing to use violence and fear to get concentrated power.

I personally am an anarchist, which I consider to be the ultimate form of democracy as no policy can go forward with out total consensus and of course can only work within a completely nonviolent society where no one has more power than any one else. Utopia, you might say. Will never happen. Well, where 6 billion people have just run out of raw resources, food and fresh water enough to take care of nature and humanity I think a new paradigm will take shape all on it's own. I believe that as we see things get grimmer we will see "If you want to eat you must sit close to your fellow human who sits close to nature". evolve out of the first painful shifts of power from the feudal lords to the people and to nature. This of course can only be accomplished with a collective democratic spirit, which will come about naturally but not until the feudal lords are quickly routed by the hungry bellies that are now spawning what I have been calling the Global French Revolution.

The feudal lords are not oblivious to this Global French Revolution as they are the ones going for complete control of the strategic oil supply with their ridiculous pretense of fighting a war on terrorism. All imperial modern military might in the world is completely dependent on oil as it's fuel. A strategy that had it's imperialist advantage while the entire third world was sufficiently beaten into submission and there were sufficient scraps from the masters table's. But just as in the French, Russian and Chinese Revolutions when the feudal lords sucked up all the wealth leaving no scraps even for the local feudal lords, globalization is now creating enough hungry bellies globally to overwhelm the entire society in food gathering swarms. The human instinct to survive is by far more powerful and communistic than feudal power could ever be. If you look back through out history you find that all feudal power was brought down by hungry bellies every time.

The CIA has reported that the fresh water supply is collapsing globally and the World Health Organization has recently announced that hunger is the number one killer in the so-called developing world. So if one was to look at us and our situation from two thousand years in the future you would see George Bush as a desperate feudal lord making all the classic mistakes that all feudal lords have made in the past (that do not come out of their delusions of absolute power absolutely) just before their collapse into oblivion.

I would like a bit more organized revolution to bring down the empire but regardless of how it happens it will organize it self and in the first steps it will resemble total chaos but after the first revolutionary meal people will begin to come together in a collective spirit of freedom and democracy and communism which will evolve into anarchism in time.

Feudalism has gone global and discovered it's bankruptcy. On a planet with collapsing resources the only way out is to cooperate in the fixing of our collective problems.

Here is my communist manifesto for survival in the twenty first century.

Man does not have dominion over earth, earth, nature and humanity are one.

A global effort must be launched immediately to replant and reestablish the great moisture regulators, our forests and wetlands to ensure an everlasting supply of fresh water and using wood for building and as fuel must be completely banned. There is no humanity without healthy forests and wetlands. Steal and stone will suffice for construction as there is enough of both above ground now to last a thousands of years. Clean fuels for cooking, heating and transportation must come from methane and crop generated oils. Food and water must be removed from commodity markets and distributed free of charge by what were once military resources and personnel. If food has no monetary value people will eat and share the food rather than sell it. Nature has no cash register. All labor for feudal enterprise must halt immediately in order that we may deal with the real global threat, the collapse of the world food and fresh water supply. Advanced communications technology must given unfettered access to all recycled materials so that all human beings can communicate with each other. All state secrecy must be abolished and opened to the public. All nuclear material must be rendered useless for bomb building and contained and the scientific community set about to solve the dangers of fissile material. Nuclear power must be immediately banned. All uranium mines must be closed and the environment must be restored. All genetic manipulation and experimentation must be banned. All medical practice must resort to the more effective herbal regime. Surgery restricted to emergency care only. All health care to have unfettered research in plant based treatments. All travel must be unfettered. All communication must be unfettered. All weapons must be destroyed. All sexual territorial behavior must be abolished. People must be allowed to couple as they please. Meditation must be mandatory curriculum for all children. Violence will be confronted with tribal intervention.

All nation states must be dissolved into bio-regional democracies with all bio-regional democracies responsible globally for the health of each and every other bio-region. People from healthy bio-regions should volunteer to help bio-regions that are trashed to rebuild their bio diversity. Surpluses from healthy bio-regions will be the source for the disarmed recycled military distribution to bio-regions in need. Human beings are not capable of handling the responsibility of a global government but by taking care of each bio-region on a united bio-regional consensus who's bill of rights insures that basic human, environmental and democratic needs are to be met through redistribution of surpluses until all bio-regions are healthy and surpluses can be recycled.

The one good thing about mass starvation is that you can't eat religious mysticism, you can only use it to justify the feeding of your enemy. Fundamentalism will fall by the way side as the crisis deepens. Spiritual practice will be considered a happy consequence of the awe at which we view the beauty of the universe. Every religion has love and compassion in it and this is what we need right now.

Maybe once we fix some of our problems some aliens will take us out for spin in the rest of the universe.

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brief 27.Nov.2002 03:03

libertarian with chaotic leanings

What is your opinion on Bastiat's classic critique of French Communism, and the price of 20,000 human beings blood in the streets of Paris ?

What do you make of the fact that governments which perverted this very noble, yet simplistic ideal into the worst nightmare of totalitarianism that the Earth has ever seen, the so-called "Communist Bloc", murdered 120,000,000 human beings in one century alone ?

Nothing that our own evil empire or even the National Socialists in Germany ever perpetrated even comes remotely close in terms of raw evil.


Why is this ?

Don't get me wrong. I loathe the Banking Establishment which runs this world as much as any other peasant. But I have read enough conflicting opinions on the subject to get to the kinda paranoid point that I wonder if the "Communism" vs. "Capitalism" dichotomy that the authors of Dictionaries and Textbooks peddle is not so poorly engineered, after all. Look into exactly who bankrolled the major Communist minds of the late 19th Century, and the resultant political upheavals...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, right ?

Is there something redeemable in the human spirit that might see past this old false dichotomy, and salvage what is good ?

Are you blind 27.Nov.2002 07:32

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

In the article above described Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, abnd Bush as feudal lords and described communism as grassroots democracy.

It is difficult to carry on a rational discussion with such reactionary emotions.

My mother is from Latvia. I think I have a grip on Russian feudalism.