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The whole "corporate/murder" think stinks of COINTELLPRO

The whole "corporate/murder" think stinks of COINTELLPRO
The whole "corporate/murder" think stinks of COINTELLPRO
You said it, buster 26.Nov.2002 15:06

No-Doz Bukowski

Yeah, it sure as hell does. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's wondering about this.

5000. - N.

This has been coming 26.Nov.2002 15:47


Remember the big bush protest in Portland a while back. There was a lot of mentioning of Portland Indymedia's invite to protest. The blame of the children who got teargassed was placed on the parents and on Indymedia.

I beleive that all of this represents a slow attempt to target and discredit the movement.

Remember that the movement in the sixties was definately "militant" in the sense of being pro-active. It wasn't until COINTELPRO that the movment was push over the edge to the point of buildig-bombing etc...

This is either an example of COINTELPRO or an example of a truely violent and murderous individual trying to hide behind our movement.


yeah it's been coming 26.Nov.2002 21:52

ed crane

Portland IMC was hit hard the *day of* August 22, the anti-Bu$h demo, with a virus attack.

ever since that day, we've been deluged by troll postings on and off ("Lamet Vali", "Bush Admirer", "FWR", etc.)--

now this.

connect the dots . . .