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"Corporate Action"?

The Portland IndyMedia editorial team displays itself as callous and ignorant.
Whether or not the post claiming responsibility for a murder of a cop in California is a hoax, the fact that the Portland IMC put "CORPORATE ACTION" as the top headline of the story is offensive and chilling. Regardless of the politics of the poster, he alleges to have murdered a human being. It is sad that the trite claim of corporate immunity (becoming what you hate, eh?) is sensationalized by the Portland IndyMedia folks, and displays an astounding degree of immaturity on their part that tremendously destroys their credibility as filterers of the newswire.

Just because the fact that corporations commit murder and get away with it through a variety of means doesn't mean that it's ok to act so yourself using such an excuse. Nor is it ok for Portland IndyMedia to treat the possibly important story (with significant implications for the anti-corporate movement and IndyMedia if true) so flippantly. Shame on you.
technically 26.Nov.2002 10:05


the category is simply a statement of a fact.

I agree that it was wrong... 26.Nov.2002 10:06


I agree that the man who killed a policeman should not have had his post made into a feature. In fact, the Portland IMC editorial volunteers have agreed that we will not support posts that support physical harm to another. I am not sure how this post got made into a feature.

I am a volunteer with Indymedia

Someone from editorial want to comment

ugh this is bad 26.Nov.2002 10:24


ugh this is bad. now the media can call anti-globalization activists "terrorists" just as the environmental movement has been labeled "terrorists" because of the firebombings by a tiny minority.

i don't understand your objection 26.Nov.2002 11:09


it's an original post, and it's news. it'll be all over the front pages of mainstream papers. are you going to write them and complain? or is it just that you don't think the rationale behind the questionable acts of andy mcrae don't deserve to be heard?

- 26.Nov.2002 11:48


The fact that it is featured isn't offensive. The fact that the headline is "CORPORATE ACTION", which is not a statement of fact, is.

The headline should have been MURDER or something to that effect.

poster of "CORPORATE ACTION" 26.Nov.2002 12:07

magic lantern jesse@bastardrecords.com

Jesse London ( jesse@bastardrecords.com) is the asshole who thinks murder is CORPORATE ACTION.

Tell him what you think.

His first feature 26.Nov.2002 12:23

No-Doz Bukowski

A quote, from the page referenced above:

"yay, jesse, for putting up his first feature! - spArk"

Okay, I don't go to the Indymedia meetings or anything, cause I'm a busy man and I have little patience for activist organizers. No offense.

Will "spArk" perhaps enlighten us a bit as to the conditions under which the mysterious Jesse came to be a part of the Indymedia editorial team? How long have you known him? How did he first contact the group?

The thing is, posting this article and featuring it with a debatably-complimentary headline is like painting a bullseye right between the eyes of the entire Indymedia movement, and the rest of the radical community as well. What kind of imbecile (or infiltrator) would do this, and why have we allowed him to? And by what strange machination did a brand-new editorial volunteer come to post the most sensitive story in the history of Indymedia?

Don't get me wrong - I don't give a damn about any fucking cop, and the city of Red Bluff is among the filthiest eyesores to ever keep me from leaving I-5; but I do care deeply about the future of radicalism in this country, particularly as it relates to keeping me and my friends from being accused of terrorism and thrown in jail.

Seriously, let's have some history on or from this Jesse character. Who is he?

5000. - N.

Jesse London 26.Nov.2002 12:46

No-Doz Bukowski

Judging by his homesite at  http://www.bastardrecords.com, Jesse London appears to be a teenager with a rock band in North Carolina. Help me, please, to understand how this person managed to scoop the entire Portland Indymedia staff and post this story first; having never published here before. And how does a teenager from North Carolina become a volunteer for Indymedia in Portland?

Has anyone met this guy, or has it all been e-mail contact?

I'm also still waiting for someone to tell me more about Matt McRae's involvement in activism before the shooting.

5000. - N.

fuckit... 26.Nov.2002 12:48


Rod Coranado spoke last night in Eugene with Derrick Jensen. Coranado is an indigenous earth-warrior and explained that his people, and all earth-warriors throughout history, have been labled terrorists, savages, heathens, etc forever by the dominant shit-heads. that's just how it goes, and there's no sense being wishy washy in order to avoid the label, 'cause yer not going to be able to. For gawd's sake, Ben and Fucking Jerry's got labeled terrorists, and any of us expect to avoid recieving the same label? better to try to show how arbitrary it is and what's really going on than to try and keep our image spotless according to mainstream values.

Mainstream values? 26.Nov.2002 13:06

No-Doz Bukowski

You would consider avoiding murder to be one of those "mainstream values", like watching TV and shopping at the mall? They were already calling us terrorists, and now they can call us murderers too. Killing this cop has achieved NOTHING for the movement, and has given our enemies the perfect excuse to come for us.

Not to think, not to consider the consequences of your actions, is a sign not of courage but of stupidity.

I don't believe a word of what I've heard about this so far. There are already major questions going unanswered while the forces of history circle their wagons and revise the truth in the major media.

This is the place for us to isolate that truth before they can pervert it. The entire story happened on Indymedia, so Indymedia can control it. They have the records, they have first-hand involvement.

I want to know what is happening here. I want to know more about Matt McRae, I want to know more about Jesse London, and I want to know what their affiliation is to Indymedia. Believe me, people much scarier than me are asking these questions right now, and I don't think any of us are going to like the conclusions they draw.

5000. - N.

to No-Doz Bukowski 26.Nov.2002 13:11



In many of your posts you raise vague warnings about counterintelligence activities as you plant the seeds of distrust through rumors of censorship, moles, etc. Now you are seeking to find out specifically who knew Andrew McCrae. Also you are seeking information about the feature selector, partly by a suggestive phrase that he had posted the original story, thus probing for a denial, etc. Meanwhile, you state disregard for the death of the cop...

I could believe that you're not, but, you sound just like an undercover investigator!!

just changed the feature 26.Nov.2002 13:27


I am also an IMC volunteer and I just changed the feature
I can't understand either how anyone can possibly take the same viewpoint of the killer (which could be dumb hoax anyway-- but still).

Can Jesse please explain what is going on?

let's cut jesse some slack 26.Nov.2002 14:00

spArk spark@rearitalldown.com

let's cut Jesse some slack. this was indeed his first feature. that's why i said, "Yay" to him -- because indymedia websites are almost always in need of editorial folks to help out. i'll admit i hadn't checked the feature out fully when i wrote the note, or i would've made a suggestion about the title too, in addition to saying, "Yay".

just about everyone i know who's made features for indymedia websites (not just this one) has made mistakes before. it's part of the learning process. i'm sure Jesse will do better after this!

community feedback is very important, too, since there are different standards in different places. so thanks to all who wrote in about the topic.

its all good :) 26.Nov.2002 14:03


didn't know it was the first feature :) sorry man. the structure of it worked out pretty well, i'm sure your next one will rock!

in solidarity, t

Think what you want 26.Nov.2002 14:48

No-Doz Bukowski

I'm not affiliated with any organization, including Indymedia, and I'm not interested in protecting anyone or advancing anyone's agenda.

I speak about Cointel because Cointel exists. I am suspicious of infiltrators because infiltration occurs. The world we live in is a difficult place to understand, but I try as best I can to understand it by keeping an open and suspicious mind about everything.

And this whole cop shooting thing stinks to high heaven.

5000. - N.

. 26.Nov.2002 15:15


If it actually happened, it does stink. Not just because of the weird implications for the rest of us, but because, IF it happened, he was a human being. I can't stand cops in general, because of what they do. They protect a corrupt system, they beat, gas and harrass people, and they do it all to "help" us. It sucks. But that doesn't mean I feel nothing for a person who was murdered, even if he did wear a police uniform.

For all the cops monitoring this site, I'd even cry if that one nasty looking guy who hit me with his bike last week was shot.

If we wanna better world, let's start here. A little recognition of the humanity of another person, cop or otherwise, would be nice. YES, they probably would not do the same if the tables were turned. (Well, no, of course they wouldn't -- they give em medals.) But we're better than that...right?

What I'd like to know is... 26.Nov.2002 18:51


Why is an American life worth more than a Palestinian, Iraqi, Kosovar, Colombian, etc. etc.? Those who claim to love human life while paying (directly and indirectly) for the death of others is hypocritical at best. Our leaders are responsible for millions of deaths around the world, and we think that they are better than Hitler? Why should a person who kills once be punished more than those who kill endlessly? Support terrorism, pay your taxes.

Suspend Jesse, change portland process 27.Nov.2002 00:29


Recommendations for editioral sanity and humanity:

Jesse London should not be permitted to make editorial posts for quite a long while, if ever.

If s/he has sense and now realizes the seriousness of this error, s/he should resign from the editorial role.

Portland needs a regular internal group review of its features!

Portland is putting up too much, too fast, with too little regard for implications for the imc network.

aghast imc participant

to aghast 27.Nov.2002 12:05

in genial disagreement

I'm also aghast. Not at jesse, but at the slaying of a human being for no other reason than that he had a cop uniform on. Yeh, as an institution, cops suck. But as human beings, they're working class folks like the rest of us. Some of em r power trippin and really REALLY suck. (That doofy guy with the thick neck that's always hanging around with Rosie comes immediately to mind.) But most of us are not really so insensitive that we would blow off this murder as "no big deal." And certainly almost none of us would actually applaud such a thing.

Does this mean indy should be policed? NO. Does it mean "jesse" needs to hang his/her head in shame? NO. Let's face it, this feature generated a LOT of discussion. This is good, no? As a community, we have spent some time here figuring out our position on this, and I think that's a healthy thing. I especially appreciated some of the comments I saw by "anna," who was able to articulate the central problem with that andy person's dogma: That is, it was good. I mean, the things he said are pretty much right on. This is very disturbing, because his actions were WRONG. Reprehensibly wrong.

If anyone needs to be shamed, surely it's andy mcrae, or whomever the real killer was, not jesse.