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Eugene City Council Passes Resolution Opposing the USA Patriot Act

Tonight, Eugene became the 15th local government in the nation to pass a resolution opposing the UPA (U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act) and recent
Executive Orders which violate our Constitutional guarantees.

All Councilors present voted to pass the resolution as amended.
Tonight, Eugene became the 15th local government in the nation to pass a resolution opposing the UPA (U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act) and recent
Executive Orders which violate our Constitutional guarantees.

All Councilors present voted to pass the resolution as amended. Councilor Pat Farr was absent. Mayor Jim Torrey did not vote, since he wasn't needed to break a tie. But he remarked that he would not sign a resolution, and turns out, his signature isn't needed.

The amendments appeared to be minor -- not affecting the intention of the
resolution. As soon as I get a copy of the resolution as passed, I will post it on our website.

THANK YOU to the enormous group of Eugene residents who turned out to support our civil liberties. We filled Council Chambers to overflowing.
We were blessed with excellent speakers who made a strong case that this is truly a local issue, because it affects all of us. The Council was
obviously moved by the sentiments expressed by those who spoke.

I am overwhelmed at this moment with gratitude for my neighbors, friends, political activists, all the groups who endorsed our resolution, Councilor Betty Taylor for guiding our resolution through, Councilor Gary Pape' for helping to modify the resolution so it would be acceptable, Councilors David Kelly and Bonny Bettman for their unequivocal support, and all the people who have supported our efforts to pass a strong resolution. You areawesome!

As Brian Michaels said on "Critical Mass" yesterday, this is first step in
a series of many steps we will take to overcome the tyranny that has
envelopedour nation. We are proving that we the people can and will restore our democracy!

On to the Springfield City Council -- and the Lane County Board of Commissioners! There are still petitions to get signed and more outreach to do.

On towards support of Portland, Ashland, Benton County and all other Bill
of Rights Defense Committees that spring up, inspired by our continuing

phone: phone: 541-345-1633
address: address: 2220 Sandy Drive Eugene, OR 97401

congratulations, job well done! 26.Nov.2002 09:33


thanks for all your hard work! can you let us know which other 14 towns have voted for similar measures? except for Madison, I haven't seen the actual names of the towns.

thanks, plenty

List of growing cities who oppose it 26.Nov.2002 09:54


Go to the website for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee to see a growing list of US cities opposing the US Patriot Act.  http://www.bordc.org./

In Solidarity 26.Nov.2002 13:04


First I would like to say that last nights show of support for the resolution was encouraging to say the least. We as a city are now united in solidarity against a tyrant government.

Let us keep up the momentum. And I ask all of you at the meeting last night, and all of you that support those who went to support us further. If there is a need for direct action against the use of the Patriot Act it is up to us as a people to apply pressure!

Here is a list of all other cities that have passed the resolution:

Santa Cruz, CA

Sante Fe, NM

Takoma Park, MD

Alachua County, FL

Berkeley, CA

Madison, WI

Boulder, CO

Carrboro, NC

Cambridge, MA

Northampton, MA

Leverett, MA

Amherst, MA

Denver, CO

Ann Arbor, MI

Eugene, OR


public but not bystander

Even the best journalism can't do justice to the beauty of this minor victory at the Monday night Eugene City Council Meeting. 1. People were lined around the building for an hour (locked out on a very cold evening when the doors are traditionally open). But to no avail -- people's energy seem to make up for cold...some fine loud chanting before doors opened. 2. Mayor Torrey had done his "no national politics" homework, arranged for some pre-publicity that the council would be against a resolution, but all to no avail. 3. The Eugene Committee To Defend The Bill Of Rights had done a heap of ground-work itself...including lining up the progressive City Councilors with lots of phone calls and emails. When the more conservative councilors saw that the cause was lost, they jumped on board. Torrey was left isolated, even he giving lip-service to having problems with the Patriot Act...just that opposition to it should wait for the "right time, place, and manor" The citizens weren't biting for delay. One of the finer details was that Torrey sternly prohibited any clapping or show of support from the citizens down on the floor. The polis ignored this blatantly...even laughing loudly at Mayor Torrey's verbal Bushism that debate would be limited to "45 seconds" He meant 45 minutes. "You're laughing at me!", he recovered. More loud and highly illegal laughter.

Recognition due Hope Marston 26.Nov.2002 20:30

Barbara Raisbeck

I tried posting a comment to this article two separate times this morning, to no avail. So I am trying again, and will keep trying until it posts.

And this is a good way to speak to the work that Hope Marston put into helping to get this Resolution opposing the U.S. Patriot Act passed.

Hope tirelessly, diligently worked on this project, chipping away at it regardless of how many barriers may have stood in her way, never giving up on it. Her dedicated passion and tireless commitment are to be highly commended. This Resolution would not be a reality today were it not for Hope Marston.

Eugene is fortunate to have you, Hope. Bravo!